Zettai Shounen

Alt title: Absolute Boy

TV (26 eps)
3.069 out of 5 from 865 votes
Rank #5,031

Aizawa Ayumu is spending the summer visiting his father in the quiet, rural town of Tana; but before long, he begins to notice that things aren't quite right. Flowers are blooming out of season and stories of ghosts and kappa abound, but for Ayumu, the strangest thing of all is the appearance of mysterious creatures who take the form of floating balls of light. Adding to this mystery is Wakkun - a boy who seems to be connected to the lights and claims to know Ayumu from the past. Now, Ayumu begins to search for the truth about the lights and Wakkun, as a summer like no other begins...

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skitzopsycho Aug 19, 2010
Score 9.5/10

Story: Imagine a beautiful summer day with a pleasant breeze, it's peaceful and even though you feel a hint of boredom you can bring yourself from the soft grass. Now add in some mysterious creatures floating around you and even though you you have no idea what they are you aren't frightened by their presence, quite the contrary, your intrigued. If where able to imagine this then you have a small understanding... read more

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Adhyaksa Jan 10, 2010
Score 6.8/10

   Zettai Shounen or Absolute Boy in the english version is a supernatureal-daily life anime. This anime starts off with a terribly bored teenager, Aizawa Ayumu. He's supposedly enjoying his stay in Tana village while on his vacation. As he explores the village, he meets several other characters with different personalities. There are also spiritual apparitions made by beings called... read more

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