Zetsuai 1989

Movie (1 ep x 50 min)
2.85 out of 5 from 1,323 votes
Rank #5,926

Koji Nanjo has everything a person could possibly want – good looks, wealth, a successful pop career – and yet he is unhappy with his life. After getting utterly drunk one night and collapsing on top of a garbage heap, Koji is rescued by a young man who takes him home with him. This young man is Takuto Izumi, a boy with a tragic past and a dream to become a professional soccer player. Overwhelmed by Izumi’s show of kindness and his passion to better his situation, Koji finds himself falling in love with the youth; however, Izumi is intimidated by Koji’s self-destructive nature and is reluctant to return any romantic feelings. Can Koji convince Izumi that they are meant to be or will his insecurities only end up driving them apart?

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VivisQueen Feb 13, 2008
Score 5/10

Apart from the more unusual angle of two guys being in love, this anime is basically a primetime soap opera - Sunset Beach meets Brokeback Mountain. It's a cheesy romance with hammed up acting and a passable delivery. Romantic scenes are by nature generally contrived: two potential lovers must be continually forced into situations whereby the most sexual tension can be generated. Unfortunately... read more

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