Zatch Bell Movie 2: Attack of Mechavulcan

Alt title: Konjiki no Gash Bell!! Attack of Mechavulcan

Movie (1 ep x 87 min)
3.599 out of 5 from 536 votes
Rank #4,307
Zatch Bell Movie 2: Attack of Mechavulcan

As Kiyomaro races to catch the bus to seaside camp, little does he know that Dr. M2, a demonic magic scientist from the future, has sent out a robot to kidnap him. He's trapped in limbo with the mad magic scientist who wants to be his partner and an army of Vulcan robot lookalikes. Dr. M2 sends a robot to pretend to befriend Gash, keeping him away from Kiyomaro until M2 can abscond with the teen genius to the future. In the end, it comes down to saving the world with a little help from their friends...

Source: Discotek

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