Yuusha Raideen

Alt title: Reideen the Brave

TV (50 eps)
1975 - 1976
3.101 out of 5 from 102 votes
Rank #14,095

After centuries of peace, the Demon Empire emerges and attacks Earth. All seems lost until a boy named Akira is summoned by a strange voice and awakens the god-like robot known as Raideen. Meanwhile, the Demon Empire kidnaps Akira's father and other scientists, trying to find a mysterious substance known as Mutron; and it’s up to Akira to save him! Akira and Raideen must now defend Earth from the Demon Empire and its fossil beasts, while trying to find and rescue his father. Fortunately they do not have to struggle alone; Akira’s friends and great scientists will aid in his quest to put a stop to the Demon Empire, once and for all!

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