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Alt title: YURUYURI - Happy Go Lily

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Mar 14, 2012

This anime contains absolutely no story, but I don't think that's the purpose of the show.

There are some moments that made me laugh extremely hard, and that made it for me worthwile to give this anime barely a 5 out of 10. But again, that's only for some of the jokes. There are certain jokes in this show that get repeated over and over and over and over to the point where it gets anoying. For example: (Read spoiler 1 below this page)

If you're a serious anime watcher, and love good stories, good music and good character development, I would NOT recommend this to you! Other than that, if you love pointless anime that has it's moments that makes you laugh, you can give it a shot.

<--« <--« SPOILERS (read backwards) <--« <--«

Spoiler 1)
!edosipe yreve gnirud semit noillim a gnirucco peek sdeelbeson s'esotihC

Spoiler 2)
!spots yltpurba tsuj ti .gnidne on tog wohs ehT

1/10 story
7/10 animation
3/10 sound
3/10 characters
5/10 overall
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Dec 4, 2020

No spoilers- I enjoy slice of life however Yuru Yuri felt off to me. My main critique of the anime was not with the plot- it was a standard slice of life school girl anime- but with the character Chitose. She is used for comedic relief, known for having Yuri fantasies about her friends, and subsequently suffering nosebleeds because of them. But after the first 5, I was tired of her. Additionally, some episodes were so saturated with her nose bleeds that they lost all value. If you're looking for a similar concept but with a more refined cast of characters and a comedic twist, try Asobe Asobase or Daily Lives of High Schools boys, of which both poke fun at the genre and are absolutely hilarious. 

5/10 story
5/10 animation
4/10 sound
5/10 characters
4/10 overall
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Jan 5, 2012

This show is remarkable. It exists in something like a perfect void of anime cliches. Nothing original can get in, and nothing entertaining can get out.

I've seen my share of bad anime, but even the worst ones have some redeeming values... or at least they can inspire quality rants about how bad they are.

Yuru Yuri, however, defeats even my nearly-endless reserves of snark. It's so terrible that I can't make fun of it. Readers, I tried. I tried my damndest, over the course of the two-and-a-half episodes I was able to stomach, to think up some really clever, sarcastic things to say about the total lack of thought that went into this anime, but it defeated me. I was all set for ridicule, and all I felt was apathy and nausea.

What about it is so bad, you ask? In brief: there's no plot, no character depth, no interesting conflicts, no humor worth noting, no clever character designs, and not even any catchy music aside from an opening theme that gets stuck in your head and refuses to leave until you forcibly vacate it from your brain with an axe.

Perfect example: the show's main character, the one we're supposed to identify with, is so lacking in anything interesting about her that both the show itself and the other characters can't even remember her name. It's like a running gag. In almost any other show, that would almost be funny. Yuru Yuri wastes the joke's potential.

The other characters are just as bland: Otaku Girl, Tsundere Girl, Loli Girl, Stoic Girl, Pevert Girl, Pettanko Girl, Other Tsundere Girl, and Obligatory Rei Ayanami/Yuki Nagato Clone Girl. Those aren't even summaries, those are their entire characters. Every single one of those character types has been done to death in countless other, better anime. The only thing that defines them all is that they're all lesbians, and let's face it: in 2011/2012, lesbianism in anime isn't that big a deal.

I said before that Yuru Yuri couldn't even inspire decent snark in me, but there was one thing that made me despair: that my favorite seiyuu, Emiri Katou, who was so wonderful in Lucky Star and Puella Magi Madoka Magica, had a part in this travesty. That they would hire Katou-san and not give her anything better than the part of Pettanko Girl is almost enough to get me raging... but the industry and hard times being what they are, I suppose I can't fault Katou-san for paying her bills.

So, in conclusion: Yuru Yuri is an abyss. Gaze upon it and know what utter pointlessness feels like.

And they're giving THIS a second season instead of Lucky Star. Truly there is no God.

1/10 story
3/10 animation
1/10 sound
1/10 characters
1/10 overall
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Dec 2, 2015

What I Liked: Good character designs. Animation was average, with fluid character animation. Yui. 

What I Didn't: Suffers from typical Penultimate Episode Mood Whiplash. Gags such as Chitose's nosebleeds become repetitive rather quickly. Some jokes are essentially harassment / abusive behaviour tarted up as comedy. Chinatsu.

Final Verdict: While it doesn't bring anything new to the "cute-girls-doing-cute-things" genre, Yuru Yuri is a light-hearted and pleasant little time-waster - provided that you're unfazed by repetitive gags ranging from boob-envy to forced kissing. 

6/10 story
6/10 animation
6/10 sound
6/10 characters
6/10 overall
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Jun 15, 2013

Some might say that I didn't think well with the scores that I gave, but my standards are different besides I can't help but be bias about this, anyway I'll explain.

Story 10/10

Some part are just too dumb but It just make things funnier, I think this is suppose to be the life of normal teenagers in middle school but their life is just too awesome, the inside jokes are funny as well as the punch lines, the incest might be a little too much for me but I guess Its a somewhat funny.

Animation 10/10

Duh, they're too cute, Especially when they inserted some Mirakun. Although I can't say 10/10 on Chinatsu's drawings.

Sound 10/10

Too be honest this is actually my first time to get hooked with a Opening Song of an anime, Its pretty catchy and fun to imitate.

Characters 10/10

10 isn't actually enough, each of the characters has different personality and it becomes more fun when they're combined together. Akari's weak presence despite being the protagonist, Kyoko's suprisingly different attitude from the past to the present, The twins' perverted ideas and reactions, Ayano being tsundere, the not talking president , etc. . but seriously all of them were awesome.

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall