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Fall 2015
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Yuru Yuri San☆Hai!

Third season of Yuru Yuri.

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It is the Beginning of Amusement image

Episode 1

It is the Beginning of Amusement

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Episode 2

Tremble in Fear

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Episode 3

No Self-Awareness

The Night Will Bring Them Together image

Episode 4

The Night Will Bring Them Together

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Episode 5

The Girl Falls Into Darkness

The Invisible Face is There image

Episode 6

The Invisible Face is There

It Will Be an Unforgettable Day image

Episode 7

It Will Be an Unforgettable Day

It is the Piece of a Smile Everyone Acquires image

Episode 8

It is the Piece of a Smile Everyone Acquires

This is the Story of a Little Love and Courage image

Episode 9

This is the Story of a Little Love and Courage

With You, Forever image

Episode 10

With You, Forever

Terrible No Matter How Much You Struggle image

Episode 11

Terrible No Matter How Much You Struggle

Cherry Blossoms in Full Bloom and a Romantic Storm image

Episode 12

Cherry Blossoms in Full Bloom and a Romantic Storm

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This is not Yuri Yuri. It’s just not. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I mean, it is a bad thing, of course, because I absolutely loved the first two seasons of Yuru Yuri, and this, despite its efforts, is not a third season of that show. It captures almost none of the magic, of the absurdity and fluffiness of its predecessors. And that is a massive disappointment. But…it’s not bad. At all, really. Sure, from the very first frame of San Hai, something seems…off. The look, the music, the feel of the characters—it’s all just…different. Deliberately set up to pull Yuru Yuri back from its adorable wackiness. Deliberately…typical. Like the soul of the previous seasons just eluded the producers entirely (for example: many of the beats and details that had previously become running gags or recurring character details appear, here, but they more often seem rote than organic—very much “remember this?” rather than “here we go again”), so they fell back on what they knew. And, yeah, the emphasis on and in-world acknowledgment of the various romantic intentions is so earnest (where it had previously been more a source for humorous misunderstandings) that it could easily just be fan fiction by a particularly effective Kyoko x Ayano shipper (…which I’m kinda fine with, but that’s another matter). And, yes, sure, especially early on, San Hai almost seems to want Yuru Yuri fans to dismiss it outright. (I mean, where’s the “Akariiiiiiin,” right? And why isn’t Yui’s hair purple?) Because there’s just so much about it that isn’t the same anymore. But…dammit if I didn’t laugh. A lot. Maybe even more than I did at the first two seasons. (Maybe.) Because, hard as it is to admit, San Hai is a good time: sweet and warm and funny. No, it doesn’t have the charm. It doesn’t have the heart. It doesn’t have the wondrous, squishy effervescence we would naturally expect. But what it does have is our beloved Amusement Club, and there isn’t much those girls can’t turn into gold. Or, y’know, a reasonable facsimile thereof.


I will review this season from all 5 point of views (story, animation, sound, characters and overall). Story I think season 3 has the best story compared with the 2 previous seasons. It has the funniest plot compared to the last 2 seasons. So, I guess I will make it 9/10. We had an extra wait for this season to be released after all. Maybe this season is based on the best chapter of Namori. But, what make it minus is the story that's being rushed out. I think they want to animate the best chapter as many as they can. But, I personally can feel the rushing and it's really ruined the story (especially for me who's read the manga chapter before it gets animated). Oh, and also we me expect some 'Ohmuro Family' or 'Ohmuro-ke' story to be animated, but it didn't! I'm so sad, but I hope they will animate them for Blue-Ray bonuses or animate them for a new anime! (Oh, what a delusion...) Animation For the animation, I personally think it's getting better compared from the previous 2. I think they change their style to be more mature-like. What I don't like from this new animation style is maybe the dark filter. I can feel that the first and the second is brighter than this season. am I right? So, I will make it minus -1 and so overall the animation is 9/10. Sound I noticed that the song for BGM (Background Music) is a bit different from the previous seasons. The sound is more like a BGM for a library near my house (?) or something like that. I personally like the music / BGM from the previous seasons. It didn't really ruin the anime, and the music was still calming to hear, so I will give it 7.5/10. Also, the Opening and the Ending Sounds really good. 1 thing from the ending that I don't like is the chibi gorakubu playing music.  Characters I love how the characters their own unique personalities, it didn't change and I think they will never change. I love how they can make the story funny and interesting from their all unique personalities. Yup, 10/10 for characters!  So, overall I give it 8.8/10. We really need more season like this, and not rushing out hahaha. I sometimes can't understand for those who don't like this season. I think this season is best compared to the other seasons. Yes, it still has many flaws. But, I still think this is the best season of Yuru Yuri. Had I never read the chapter before it got animated, I would enjoy this series more, and I think I will burst into laughter from each episodes. hahaha.

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