Yuru Yuri

Alt title: YURUYURI - Happy Go Lily

TV (12 eps)
3.865 of 5 from 7,680 votes
Rank #1,733

It's the first day of middle school for Akari, and the enthusiastic girl is determined to reinvent her personality and have tons of fun in the process. Along with her friends, mischievous Kyouko, serious Yui, and adorable Chinatsu, the girl joins the Amusement Club, a group for students who just want to hang out and joke around! Over the year, the girls befriend upperclassmen, impersonate their favorite magical girl characters, and develop crushes... sometimes even on each other!

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Middle School Debut! image

Episode 1

Middle School Debut!

Me and You and the Student Council image

Episode 2

Me and You and the Student Council

You Wanna Come Visit!?...Yeah, Let's Go! image

Episode 3

You Wanna Come Visit!?...Yeah, Let's Go!

Summer Harvest image

Episode 4

Summer Harvest

When Akari and the Cicadas Cry image

Episode 5

When Akari and the Cicadas Cry

Art Arter Artist image

Episode 6

Art Arter Artist

Christmas image

Episode 7


April Fool's image

Episode 8

April Fool's

This Summer Isn't Scary image

Episode 9

This Summer Isn't Scary

It's called a school trip, but what are we here to study? image

Episode 10

It's called a school trip, but what are we here to study?

Our Amusement Club image

Episode 11

Our Amusement Club

Everyone's Poka Poka at Training Camp image

Episode 12

Everyone's Poka Poka at Training Camp

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ravenrhen's avatar
ravenrhen Jun 15, 2013
Score 10/10

Some might say that I didn't think well with the scores that I gave, but my standards are different besides I can't help but be bias about this, anyway I'll explain. Story 10/10 Some part are just too dumb but It just make things funnier, I think this is suppose to be the life of normal teenagers in middle school but their life is just too awesome, the inside jokes are funny as well as the punch lines, the... read more

VGCKenny's avatar
VGCKenny Apr 11, 2012
Score 8.3/10

To say Yuru Yuri should be taken seriously, is like telling a vegetarian to eat at McDonald's. Yuru Yuri is not just over-the-top, it's completely mad with a side order of bonkers. What I'm getting at, is that Yuru Yuri is insane, and that's exactly what it needs to be in order to stand out.

Yuru Yuri is about four girls who take over the tea club room at an all-girls school because nobody uses it... read more

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