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Dec 20, 2016

I once saw two guys making out, and that was the gayest thing I ever saw, until Yaoi!!! on Ice Yuri!!! on Ice. I mean, yaoi bait isn't a new thing. Teen girls have finally reached the point of equality that they squeel over two guys kissing in an exact match to the way guys love watching two girls making out... and this is marketted right at that.

And yet, the animation is gorgeous, the story is completely standard (except with two guys instead of a guy and a girl) but well executed, and we get a by-the-numbers sports/competition anime. If two guys being obviously (and at times flamboyantly) gay doesn't disturb you, then this show is good. We aren't in the 80s where enjoying this might have made me seem less manly; gay guys falling in love is legit drama, even if executed very simply.

Now that we got over how gay Yuri!!! on Ice is, I can cut down the other side of the argument. The show isn't great. The characters are nothing special, it's yet another sports anime only this time about something most people have no clue about, done in a straight up, no-frills, very standard way. The execution is great, don't get me wrong. But the whole point is that the added value is from the romance, which isn't special once you remove the fact that it's (gasp) two guys.

Of course, a lot of people aren't looking for something completely outside the box. There's a reason that the standard stuff is more successful than most others that aren't (looking at you, Toradora, and your banal cookie-cutter crap). If you want something that will get a positive reaction from you, then Yuri!!! on Ice will, because it's made to fit that mold perfectly. In short, I'll say what other people are afraid to say about it: it's decent, but nothing special.

Writing (story and characters):

No extra credit points for creativity here. I'm sorry, did you expect me to say that there is anything groundbreaking, unique, or special about the writing here? It's a mix and match of various elements from sports and shoujo shows of the past. Yaoi doesn't make it daring any more than Madonna kissing a girl on stage decades ago was (note: it wasn't, it was a publicity move to pander to the target audience's expectations). Still, it is technically proficient.

The story of Yuri!!! on Ice is by the numbers sports with a dash of romance. It isn't something unique, nor does it have any unique elements. Competition, training, guys hanging out in various levels of (un)dress. That's all you've got here. It isn't done badly, it just isn't good. It's the classic structure: down on the ropes, rising up to the top of the competition, bla bla bla, in the end gets the girlguy and lives happily ever after. That being said, it is effective.

Here I can be edgy and say that the characters are the worst thing about the show. They're not a very interesting bunch. Their interactions didn't really make me happy. I get it, they do everything that an otaku should want from characters. But that's the sum of how I can describe them. They've got nothing to say "but actually" or "interestingly enough" about them. They're there to serve the plot, and nothing more. The character driven side is shoujo-light, with guys.

Still, the writing is well done. I have mentioned that it is technically rather strong, and even more than that, it achieves what it sets out to do. This is what saved me from giving any truly scathing remarks about it. Still, being a good product doesn't make it a particularly special or interesting one. But hey, two guys are boning off-screen, so there's that.

 Art (animation and sound):

I'll say it at the start. The opening is pretentious and badly executed crap, aimed at wowing people who want to enjoy art but haven't ever bothered to actually take their time to enjoy it. The song makes me cringe, the animation is the cheapest form of wow-factor that doesn't involve explosions, and boy does the combination annoy me. That being said, the rest of the artwork is very strong. It's a package meant to be a mega hit, aimed at the center of the crowd (though slightly more to the women), and is executed very well.

Yuri!!! on Ice has superb animation. There are annoying things like the food thing for the mid-episode commercial break, there are minor flaws here and there, and people blush so damn much that it's a real shame that they stooped to the silly visual cliche rather than making it realistic. Going for smooth animation, artistic character designs, and being super-serious makes visual gags somewhat painful in this case. There isn't a lot of artistic license used, and the flashbacks using animation from earlier bits in the last episode were annoying. Still, this is super high quality stuff.

While in many ways, the sound of the show is great, it really doesn't stand out. I have to dock a point for the annoying opening theme, and another for the pretentious and overall forgetable songs used (because seriously, if you go for something pretentious, you need to deliver quality). The voice acting is pretty good, the effect usage is pretty spot on (though the crowds aren't quite natural), but some of the characters just feel unnatural when monologuing during their skating. It's very professionally done, but it doesn't live up to the animation.

Yeah, you can't expect a mega-hit without the art to back it up. And seriously, some of the ice skating scenes are just fantastic. Still, there is nothing outside the box enough for me to be truly wowed by it. Yet there is no taking away that the art of Yuri!!! on Ice is very strong.


You know what I absolutely hate about Yuri!!! on Ice? It's not the fact that it's the biggest LGBT hit since forever, it's the fact that you know it will be copied endlessly because of its success, and there's so much bad about it that is drowned out by the spectacular animation, overall solid writing, and a few gimmicks. That being said, the show is enjoyable, and definitely above average overall (though my feeling is that it will not age well).

5.5/10 story
9/10 animation
6/10 sound
4.5/10 characters
6.4/10 overall
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Nov 7, 2016

Absolutely beautiful, in regards to the characters and the animation. Yuri Katsuki is an adorable character, and his perseverance and struggle to overcome his lack of confidence is something that resonated with me the most. Did I already mention that he is also just the most adorable thing? Viktor Nikifolov and his charming personality is a great contrast to Yuri's. While he is silly and light-hearted, his confidence and charisma is what makes him and Yuri a great pair. Of course, a bonus with the show's character development is the homoerotic undertones, and Viktor's irresistable sexiness (oh my lord....)

I absolutely admire the animation as well. The fluidity of the characters on ice is mesmerizing, with the addition of the beautiful music that is chosen for their programs. There's great detail in the scenes, with the background of Hasetsu and the movements of the characters, like the ballet poses of Minako. The color schemes of the costumes and the overall environment is also nicely done.  

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Oct 7, 2016

Watched the first 3 episodes and instantly captivated. The main charecter is likeable and the skating details are so well done. I love the way they animate the routines and how real the atmosphere of the competitions is. I don't really watch sports animes but I love this. SO pumped to watch more. The chemistry between Yuri and Victor is so captivating!

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Oct 7, 2016

) OMG Victor is basically sex on legs ( Skates ) . -prepare your iner fangirl/Fan boy-  .. the Trust and relationship  ( as his coach cough) between Viktor and Yuri grows each episode and it's so nice?   ( exciting ) to watch  .   Yuri on ice, the animation is beautifully  done the skating parts  are so   captivating , the story line basically set on Yuri gaining confidant in skating again whilst being coached by a really hot ( & seductive )Viktor ,  the music fits perfectly in with the skaters performance .. The opening and ending songs are Ace 

Give me more Gay .. I mean skating 😜

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Oct 16, 2016

Hi mates. This morning I watched 2 released Yuri on Ice's epizodes. And what I can say? I really wasted my time. Story boring, nothing interesting, only one word can describe it - nahhh. Animation was nice, I like this type draws but too fancy, I don't like this kind, it's only for dummies and  kids. Ending pretty nice, it surprised me, for so shitty anime so nice opening. But I can't say same about ending. Characters were really dumb and boring, one guy forget his promises, other guy do dumb things, how 15-17 years old guy can travel from Russian to Japan? He need his parents permission. Generally it's kind of bullshit, boring, dumb, overrated bullshit. There's logic <- and there's Yuri on Ice ->, do you get it? <-Logic  This anime->

4/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
1/10 characters
3/10 overall