Yume Senshi Wingman

TV (47 eps)
1984 - 1985
3.375 out of 5 from 49 votes
Rank #8,947
Yume Senshi Wingman

Hirono Kenta has the strangest dream anyone could think of, being the Hero of Justice. His odd desire has driven him to make his own costume of his own made up hero, Wingman. By a stroke of luck, he meets Yume Aoi, the princess of the dreamscape called Botoreem, whom has a Dream Note: a book that can make any dream come true. Hirono draws Wingman in the book and soon his made up hero becomes a reality. With this new power Hirono, Aoi, and Hirono's childhood friend Miku, the must save Botoreem from Rimeru, an evil man wishing to take the Dream Note and take over Botoreem.

Source: ANN

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