TV (103+ eps)
2017 - ?
Spring 2017
3.231 out of 5 from 390 votes
Rank #4,325

In “Den City” where the latest network has developed, people were dueling day and night in the VR world called "LINK VRAINS" managed by SOL Technology Inc. The main character, Yusaku Fujiki is a quiet high school student with a great insight. He has been dueling, transforming himself into his avatar "Playmaker", to battle the "The Knights of Hanoi” that plots to destroy "LINK VRAINS".

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My Name Is Playmaker image

Episode 1

My Name Is Playmaker

Seize the Wind! Storm Access image

Episode 2

Seize the Wind! Storm Access

First Contact image

Episode 3

First Contact

Charisma Duelist Go Onizuka image

Episode 4

Charisma Duelist Go Onizuka

The Three Count Rings image

Episode 5

The Three Count Rings

Idol!!  Blue Angel image

Episode 6

Idol!! Blue Angel

Hanoi's Angel image

Episode 7

Hanoi's Angel

Controller of the Wind image

Episode 8

Controller of the Wind

Enemy I was Seeking image

Episode 9

Enemy I was Seeking

Impact! Cyberse Vanishes image

Episode 10

Impact! Cyberse Vanishes

Roar of the Magazine Varreload image

Episode 11

Roar of the Magazine Varreload

Impregnable Defending Dragon Firewall image

Episode 12

Impregnable Defending Dragon Firewall

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