Yu-Gi-Oh! Movie 4: The Dark Side of Dimensions

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The story takes place six months after the end of the original series, when Yugi Muto and his friends are preparing to graduate from high school. While Yugi still feels like he's lost a part of himself, he's come to terms with the Pharaoh's passing, now looking forward to a future alongside his classmates. However, other people may not be so willing to let the past alone.

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Let me be perfectly clear, I am playing devil's advocate here, adding negatives to the positives to this movie.  This movie does a great job in setting up the story, albeit rather straightforward antagonist reveal. I mean, it was leaked that Aigami was the antagonist everywhere on the internet, but damn, they could've tried to make it more subtle or hold off on it. Also Aigami is a real moron and felt like he was being the irl version of a SJW(Social Justice Warrior). His intentions were pure, but he was quite literally a dick to anyone he so cared to be a dick to. Just because he's getting bullied, he sends his bullies to be erased from this dimension, just because Joey isn't the brightest and resorts to his fists when he gets scared, doesn't meant that you erase him from this dimension. Kaiba was fair game because he actually was poking around where he wasn't supposed to, in order to try to get Atem to duel him again one final time. Because the Plauna powers get revoked when Atem walks the Earth after he was already sent off back to his time, the Plauna decide to try to prevent that by attempting to foil Kaiba's plan to put the puzzle back together. Yugi is Yugi, he's still the same, except he longs to see Atem one more time, but he comes to terms that he never will be because the final duel in the original series was the last time he'd see Atem. Kaiba isn't willing to accept that and does some stupid shit at the end of the movie to get to Atem (I'm not gonna spoil it because it's so damn desperate). Anyways, He basically goes through an identity crisis the whole movie because he lost Atem, so there's that. Joey is the same loveable goof that we all know and love. Tea is played by a different VA but her character remains unchanged. Bakura is still British. Tristan is still Tristan. Duke Devlin got a new VA and he went through the most thorough character change through his clothing and his personality slightly. Kaiba is still the same egotistical pompous windbag he's always been, and he's dead set on revenge on Atem. The whole movie is because he's so hellbent on redueling Atem one last time.  There were a few flaws, such as not describing the card effects as much as I'd like because the last series I watched was a quarter through Zexal before dropping the series because of its stupidity. The times that they do explain card effects were perfectly concise, one sentence explainations, that would've been great if they did that with all the cards rather than going on the extreme of not saying effects from going through a monologue per card effect in the series. Another flaw was sometimes skipping draw phases and going straight to attacking. Anyways, that's all I have to say about this movie, it gets an honest 9/10 from a true duelist.

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