Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

TV (154 eps)
2008 - 2011
Spring 2008
3.542 out of 5 from 5,402 votes
Rank #5,290

The future of Duel Monsters has finally arrived! With it has come a new form of dueling known as "Riding Duels," which many duelists are eager to take up and learn. One such player is Yusei Fudo, an aspiring rider duelist who lives in the slum area known as Satellite; he has been wronged by the system and is on a mission to defeat his archrival: Jack Atlus, the Absolute King of the Riding Duel. With Jack having wronged him in his past, Yusei chooses to exact his revenge by taking his title; but, with a strange, unfamiliar set of rules and many foes ahead, will he ever reach Neo-Domino City and claim his prize?

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Sorry if my english is bad, I'm from Czech Republic After quite childish series Yu-Gi-Oh GX, here comes the supereme series 5D's, which buries all prejudices about Yu-Gi-Oh for children very deep under ground. I don't know why, but I like this series even more than Naruto, which has been my favorite anime for long time. Story: 8.5/10 This series has supereme plot, which is not only about card game. First arc about Dark Signers reveals the past of main characters (Team Satisfaction, Aki's special powers), and then comes arc about Yliaster's plan to change history of the Earth, and final battle aganist Z-One was totally awesome. Animation: 9/10 This relatively new anime has animation what must not fit lovers of classic anime design, but I think characters, monsters and background are highly detailed and the best are 3D-like animations of key monsters. Sound: 8/10 I have not many things to say about sounds, opening Last Train -The New Morning- is cool, characters have well-selected seiyuus and there are also interesting sound effects for monsters, but background music cannot compare to egyptian-like theme from original u-Gi-Oh Duel Monsters. Characters: 9/10 That's why I like this show that much, supereme characters. They're not children (in exception of Lua and Luca), they're about 18-19-years-old young adults which hadn't easy childhood - two of them are olphrans which must work hard in Sattelite, one girl grew up treated as monster for her paranormal powers and so on. I love the main character, Yusei. He is not one of the hot-headed main characters who must first study to become idiots, as seen in Fairy Tail or One Piece. He's clear-minded and has ideology "World will explode? Let be, only if friends will be safe." There's no character you will hate, you will even understand villains why are they doing what are they doing. Overall: 9/10 YGO 5D's is not type of anime where characters fight to the death with waterfalls of blood, but story counts on interesting plot and great characters. If you think YGO is only childish anime which has only ambition - to make money by selling card game, watch 5D's and think again.  

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