Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D: Bonds Beyond Time

Alt title: Yu-Gi-Oh! 3D: Chou Yuugou! Toki wo Koeta Kizuna

Movie (1 ep x 49 min)
3.606 out of 5 from 3,708 votes
Rank #3,705

In the future, Earth has become a desolate wasteland where few remain. One man, Paradox, is on a mission to save the future by travelling through time and destroying the source of this widespread destruction: Duel Monsters. After stealing several prominent Dragon-Type monsters throughout history and causing massive devastation in several time periods, Paradox has antagonized and inadvertently assembled three of the greatest duelists to ever draw a card: Yuusei Fudo, Judai Yuki, and Yugi Motou, the King of Games. Now, the trio must challenge this imposing foe to save their world in a tag-team duel that spans the ages. But will a bond of friendship forged across different eras be enough to defeat someone capable of such terrible acts? It’s time to duel!

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It's time to duel! IT IS NO LONGER TIME TO DUEL! IT IS TIME TO DIE!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~WARNING MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ My Story: Like everyone who got out of Pokemon got right into Yu-Gi-Oh! it was new it was weird it was awesome, it had dragons and spellcasters but in anime style! Dark Magician is my all time favorite card along with pretty much any Spellcaster, High Priestess of Prophecy is my current queen of my strongest deck the Prophecy/Spellbook spellcasters. So yeah Yu-Gi-Oh! was a big BIG part of my childhood similar to Pokemon, both still are so when I heard a movie was coming out for 10th anniversary I was happy that they took note of that and had all three main characters in the film, I had even stopped hating Jaden at the time so I was happy to see all three in the film What I like: Well Yusei and Yugi and Jaden were together on screen, and Jack and Akiza (mother god of another dark redhead hottie) and Crow (this guy is just down right awesome for a Yu-Gi-Oh! character, he spins circles around Joey Wheeler as a sidekick) got to show up for a bit Yusei is also the coolest Main Protagonist out of Yugi and Jaden, why? Yusei doesn't have some sort ancient power to turn him into the pharaoh and isn't a carefree kid at school like Jaden was (Jaden gets cooler but for a majority of the show he is plain) Yusei right out of the gates is a tough, quiet stoic character who wants to ensure his friends and family are ok and he even sees the good in Akiza (Aki for you japanese fans) and ok back to the movie Yusei has to track down the fiend who stole his card and that means he has to travel back in time to meet the other protagonists as well,Yusei doesn't question how he time travels he jsut does it! When he meets Jaden and Yugi he just wants to get the mission done and get back to his already understanding the importance of this mission and not wanting to screw anything up. I also liked that the villain Paradox was actually part of the series of Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds as well and not just a throw away character, he actually is in the series! Oh and Dark Magician and Dark Magician Girl get to show (one of the few blonde hotties is a spellcaster! Oh I know she is an anime character but that doesn't her artwork isn't nice and the girls who cosplay her look nice as well!) What I dislike Well this part might be a bit too much for anyone who doesn't play Yu-Gi-Oh! as of 2011because when Yu-Gi-Oh! 5Ds was coming to a close, they introduced a new type of card in the game called an XYZ monster that would play a huge role in the next Yu-Gi-Oh! Zexal series and I think some kind of XYZ monster should have shown up in this series as a way to hype the next series and pass the torch by having the original characters defeat one. Idon't know maybe that might be a bad way to go about it, but Paradox did say he was from the future and if he was I seriously think he should have owned a futuristic card like XYZ, this however is a nitpick on my part as a Yu-Gi-Oh! duelist, I still play the card game with my brothers and so I keep up on the game. The plot was kind of cluttered I think, the story seemed to say here is one scene ok now let's move to the next one, but it wasn't that bad IMO I don't hate it as much as other people do, but that's becuase I still play the game and one of my brothers is a huge fan of the show still so I tend to get carried along for the ride watching the shows. Little Kuriboh: Well he certainly left his mark on Yu-Gi-Oh! there is no doubt about that, whether people hate that or not is up to them, I personally stopped watching as soon he seemed to move to the US, because he is more about doing charities and what not now. I still enjoy watching his Abridges series too don't get me wrong I am just worn out on it haha. Also if it weren't for LK I probably would have given up on the series and maybe even the card game, he helped keep me interested in the series much to the dismay of my one brother who hates Little Kuriboh haha. ALL in ALL I have my reasons why I like this movie more than others, all of it sentimental, the same feelings arrive for Pokemon, I grew up with these and I don't know if I'll ever stop Hope you had a good read about Yu-Gi-Oh Bonds Beyond Time my review


As a fan of the YuGiOh franchise, I enjoyed this movie, but my nostalgia was one of the few things that saved this film. The crossovers were fun to see, but that was the only enjoyable part of it. Most of the plot was very weak and felt like it was designed in 10 minutes. I would only recommend a film like this to the most hardcore YuGiOh fans, as it was sometimes cringy to watch.  Plot: The cool thing about the story is, using time travel, this movie contains three Yu-Gi-Oh protagonists (from different series). It's a VERY cool plot idea that any Yu-Gi-Oh fan would be interested in. I thought it sounded awesome, and it was the only reason I decided to watch this movie. Unfortuately, the movie was poorly made. The plot is simple; a mysterious character from the future decides be wants to erase the Duel Monsters card game from history; so he decides to go back in time and kill Pegasus. Our three heroes band together to stop him and save their previous card game. Ta-da, that's it! The entire thing feels more like a special than a full movie; a result of its many flaws. The biggest of which is the number of plot holes in the film; there were so many it was really distracting and it pulled me out of the story. Most of the plot holes revolved around the time travel aspect, but the rest of the plot didn't make much sense either. Just looking at the plot, this is a horrible movie. Characters: The movie mostly focused on the Yu-Gi-Oh 5Ds universe, with apperences from one character from GX and a few from the original series. I feel like if the movie was longer, many more characters could have been involved, making this a more complex movie. Unfortunately, the focus was just on 4 main characters (including the villain). The villain was extremely 2-dimensional and boring. His back-story was pretty much non-exsistant and the reasons for his attack on Pegasus were weak. The main characters were their regular selves (although Jaden felt really out of place and randomly thrown in) but they constantly insisted on using every "yay friendship!", "we're now best buds!", or "our love of this childrens card game will make us win!" types of comments ALL THE TIME. It was RIDICULOUS. I haven't seen dialogue that bad in ages! Conclusion: Although I was expecting something more serious, it was still a fun watch. However, with the never-ending list of problems in this movie, I can't give it more than a 5/10. I really wish it wasn't this bad, and I wouldn't mind a well-made sequel.

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