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Yugi Mutou was a boy who was constantly bullied – until one day he managed to put together an ancient and mysterious puzzle that no one has been able to solve for two hundred years. Now, whenever Yugi's friends are threatened, a strange transformation occurs, and Yugi seems to become an entirely different person. This transformed Yugi is a master of games, and uses these spontaneously-invented games to trap and to punish the bad guys. At the end of each game, his opponent appears to suffer a painful death; but it is soon revealed that this was all in their minds – or was it?

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Note: This review is for Toei's anime, not for Gallop's (aka, the videos posted above). Most reviews have been placed on the wrong page. If you watched Yugioh in English, you watched the Gallop version. Please, get it right! Story- This version begins a little vicariously. It's a little "monster of the week" without the typical novelties. The one cohesive factor is Yugi's transformation and his dark games. Some plot twists are unnecessary and undramatic. However, the series does smooth out as it goes on. It gets really good after episode 19.  I love the intertwining of humour and dark themes. The twisted justice of this series is something not seen often enough in anime. Still, there are some loose ends that are left dangling annoyingly in the wind. Animation- The animation at the beginning hurts my eyes ( I think it's the colour palette). I also dislike the use of untextured CG in some of the backgrounds (in fact, it makes me want to slap myself), but it does get better. The opening animation looks awesome. It has a bit of an expressionistic feel to it. But, while most animation improves over the course of the anime, Yami never looks better than he does in the first episode.  Sound- Great casting/acting. Megumi Ogata fits Yugi better than anyone who has voiced him. I know her from other anime, but did not even recognise her voice until Yami appeared. She makes sweet Yugi so cute I want to adopt him, while her work as Yami provides a startling contrast. The other cast members also sound great, namely Jounouchi. Of course, the music of the show is great. The opening and ending are infectious and get the viewer pumped for more. Characters- I love Yugi so much. His demeanor and personal style provide a realistic contrast. Jounouchi is great as a friend, a character with depth, and comic relief. Such a character is truly precious. Miho seems annoying at first, but she really grew on me, as did Honda. Anzu irks me, as she doesn't appreciate Yugi enough for who he is without the Pharaoh, but she is a teenage girl after all. She'll grow out of it. I like seeing the darker side of Mokuba along with his motive. I would have liked to see more of Seto and Bakura in this series, though. Overall- There are a lot of bugs in this anime, but I enjoyed it. A true gem.

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