Yousei Ou

Alt title: The Fairy King

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Jun 18, 2017

(note: I'm at the airport and I keep losing my work I've written for this review so I'm sorry if this seems rushed. I will go back and edit this to make it better once I get home.)


The storyline is a little overused and it has too many plot twists that makes it a little overwhelming. It was made with too many good ideas all into one big story. 


Most people will not like this animation style, but I personally loved it. Yes it's old and yes it's different. But it's so beautiful to ignore. The art and creativity put into the animation is amazing, to say the least. I didn't like the animation transitions but I didn't absolutely hate it. 


Sound was normal. I didn't like the voice acting very much though. That's why it got a 5 lol.


The characters didn't have anything special about them. But they weren't annoying to me. They also all had plenty of relationships which strengthened the story. 


It wasn't a bad watch. I personally really liked it. I felt with more development with the plot, it could have scored higher. 

I would watch again.

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6/10 story
8/10 animation
5/10 sound
5/10 characters
6/10 overall
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