Yousei Ou

Alt title: The Fairy King

OVA (1 ep x 60 min)
2.173 out of 5 from 40 votes
Rank #8,552
Yousei Ou

Jack has moved to Hokkaidou to get treatment for an illness, but he's lonely and unhappy. One night a man on a horse rides through his window to help him. For a reason he doesn't understand, Jack instantly knows the man's name and feels they've met somewhere before. The man, Cu Chulainn, tells Jack to open the moonlight shadow window, which leads him to Nymphidia, the world of Midsummer Night's Dream, whose inhabitants are waiting for a new Fairy King.

Source: ANN

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leftovercandy Jun 18, 2017
Score 6/10

(note: I'm at the airport and I keep losing my work I've written for this review so I'm sorry if this seems rushed. I will go back and edit this to make it better once I get home.) Story:  The storyline is a little overused and it has too many plot twists that makes it a little overwhelming. It was made with too many good ideas all into one big story.  Animation: Most people will not like this... read more



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