You're Under Arrest! No Mercy!!

Alt title: Taiho Shichau zo in America

TV Special (1 ep x 24 min)
3.488 out of 5 from 557 votes
Rank #6,301

Miyuki and Natsumi are back -- but in a new location: sunny California in the west coast of the USA. With traffic problems abounding, the girls were called in to help the Los Angeles Police Department (aka the LAPD) solve the city's sticky dilemmas, but there's one growing problem that has everyone concerned: car thieves! Luxury cars in particular are being stolen, re-tuned, and then sold on the black market. And when Miyuki's own Mustang Fastback is nabbed, it becomes personal. Now, there will be no mercy, no more padded globes, and no more Ms. Nicegirl!

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