Your lie in April: Moments

Alt title: Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso: Moments

OVA (1 ep x 23 min)
3.975 out of 5 from 4,083 votes
Rank #1,070
Your lie in April: Moments

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Un-aired episode bundled with the 11th volume of the Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso manga.

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Set years before the events of the first episode, the Your lie in April OVA episode "Moments" is an origin/prequal story that functions as a wonderful supplement to the main series. The OVA mainly focuses on Takeshi as he tries to improve his piano playing in order to best Kousei, only to fall short in every tournament they enter. Motivated by Kousei's authentic and near-flawless playing, Takeshi puts more dedication to his playing (initially he used piano as a way to gain free toys and other goodies), but constanly feels frustrated as his playing is not on par with the genius of Kousei. Emi also gets motivated by Kousei's playing after watching his recital (and crying during said recital) and announcing to her parents that she will also become a pianist. Emi's scenes in the OVA were mainly used for comedy relief, but still laid the foundation for the events in the early part of the main series. We also get to see the wonderful Kaori in a few scenes (and also discover the origin of the photo shown at the end of the series). Like the main series, the music in the OVA is breathtaking beautiful. If you enjoyed the music in the main sereis, you will certainly enjoy the music in the OVA. As with the main series, the greatest strength of the OVA is of course the characters. Your lie in April has some of the most relatable and memorable characters in any anime series. The OVA has them in their elementary school days, but they still have the same impact and charisma as their high-school counterparts. Overall this is a great compliment to the main series, and die-hard fans will enjoy and embrace this OVA as much as the main series. For those new to Your lie in April, the OVA is a great way to introduce the basic plot of the main series, and the events that led to what transpired in the first episode. I would suggest watching the OVA first to get a basic idea of what the show is about, and then prepare yourself for the emotional roller coaster that is the main series.

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