Young Black Jack

TV (12 eps)
Fall 2015
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Young Black Jack

The year is 1968, the war in Vietnam is approaching its zenith, and the counterculture movement that's been sweeping the world is engulfing Japan. While others are in the streets protesting, one young medical student becomes embroiled in a different kind of battle.As new medical technologies to save and extend lives come into play, the temptation for a surgeon to play God has never been so powerful. Even as he strives to prove his own skills to his colleagues, Hazama Kuroo begins to suspect that the potentials for abuse inherent in the medical system are already being exploited.To attempt to change the system means risking his own promising career as a surgeon, and to move against the perpetrators will put his own life in danger. However, as a doctor, how can he not act when lives are on the line?

Source: Sentai Filmworks

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STORY Note you do NOT need to have any prior Black Jack knowledge to watch this - I didn't. As a medical student, it is against the law for Hazama to perform surgery yet. However his luck of being thrown into dire situations with people dying right before his eyes is insane, and he isn't going to let some measly law stop him from saving their lives - be it an incredibly difficult case that no other doctor is willing to attempt, an enemy at war, or a complete stranger, all their lives matter to him. What makes this plot so amazing, besides the constant drama and intensity, is the topics it touches on. I didn't expect it to get so historical and political, but the subjects they explore are real ones from our own past (ie: Vietnam, Civil Rights Movement). The pacing is on target, something that might seem hard to accomplish with as many references to true events as they throw in, but it all flowed together remarkably! I'm still in awe. ANIMATION Just gorgeous. Thank you very much for not showing too much gore, but just enough to keep things real ^^" Whenever Hazama is stitching someone up it's like his hands are dancing.  SOUND Never really have any issues in this category, but I will say that the during like 3 of the surgeries they played "suspenseful" music, but it sounded too much like a video game soundtrack and had the opposite effect in me lol - but that's it! CHARACTERS Hazama just can't get a break and it only gets harder for him to be just in a corrupted world. He stays true to his morals and never falters though! What a dude. His female assistant, thank the heavens, isn't some incompetant high pitched secondary character we've seen a hundred times and wanted to shoot. As an intern, she is actually very skilled, although she isn't on screen a ton so you only get a few examples of this. The designs for some of the side guys get pretty funky, reminding me of restyled Astro Boy characters. OVERALL Something I started watching because I liked the character designs, and ended up enjoying 3000x more than I had imagined! Even for someone who steers away from episodic series, this one flowed so well I would say it really felt less episodic and more cohesive (because some arcs span multiple episodes). The story is thrilling and very original, masterfully tying in real-world topics and issues that need to be remembered. It's violent and exciting, a real road trip.

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