Youjo Senki: Saga of Tanya the Evil

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Youjo Senki: Saga of Tanya the Evil

It is June of the year CE 1923. A young girl with blond hair and blue eyes, Tanya Degurechaff, has entered the final curriculum of the Imperial Military Academy and is training at the third patrol line in the northern military district, the Norden Theater, as part of her service to the force. Her training, the first step toward a brilliant career as an aviation mage, should have gone off without a hitch... but things took an unexpected turn.

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The Devil of the Rhine image

Episode 1

The Devil of the Rhine

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Episode 2


Deus Vult image

Episode 3

Deus Vult

Campus Life image

Episode 4

Campus Life

My First Battalion image

Episode 5

My First Battalion

Beginning of Madness image

Episode 6

Beginning of Madness

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Episode 7

The Battle of the Fjord

Trial by Fire image

Episode 8

Trial by Fire

Preparations for Advance image

Episode 9

Preparations for Advance

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Episode 10

The Path to Victory

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Episode 11


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Episode 12

How to Use a Victory

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Zangetsu92's avatar
Zangetsu92 Jan 6, 2017
Score 9/10

Okay this isnt a proper review because there is only one episode out but I felt I absolutely had to review/recommend this anime!  STORY : Alright not much to say about the story being so early in but basically its a typical war/conflict between feuding countries. It takes place in Europe. And the main country that will have most of the main characters is the empire, its in the centre with 5 other... read more

TeeDeeDubYa's avatar
TeeDeeDubYa Mar 9, 2017
Score 9.5/10

Tanya is a young blonde haired sociopathic soldier in an army very similar to Germany during WW1/2.  She is cold, calculating, intelligent, faithless and unempathetic.  Tanya the Evil is a breath a fresh air for those that are sick of anime with 100 billion main characters.  There's really only one main character in this anime... and it's Tanya. After 8 episodes,  I'm... read more

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