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You Yao

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It's SUPER ULTRA HYPER FUNNY. GUYS, WATCH IT BUT BE READY TO BURST YOUR THROAT & INTESTINES FROM LAUGHING SYNDROME!!! XDDD  EDIT: T^T It was too sad.... sniff sniff.... I won't forget! I'll definitely read the novel. The best anime of 2020 TvT Love you Lou Zhou/Yun Qi~ Seriously speaking, this is the funniest Chinese CG and Donghua I've ever seen. I haven't finished it yet, but it's already this great. So, the plot was awesome! 10/10 (actually want to give it infinite) Animation is CG, and this CG is absolutely well-done! Unlike that 3D CG, this one's better. Sound is TOTALLY WONDERFUL ┗|`O′|┛ IT WAS GREAT!!! Especially the ending T^T made me cry each time I listened to it.... aw. Characters were brilliant. Especially our main ship, Lou Zhou/Yun QI XDD OMG I can't describe how glad I'm to find this anime, and how funny it was. Lou Zhou was the best character, need to say it. Without him, our sweet Yun Qi and Lin Kai (+ this guy too!!) would have died from boredom XD at least me, please. AND NOT TO MENTION, HOW CAN I FORGET?! MY KAWAI POOR PRINCE WHO LOST HIS LOVER Best friend!! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻  I cried a lot... on his backstory, sniff sniff. I hope his new lover, Li Ke gives him plenty of love, and hope hope, they tell his beautiful backstory (love ahem) about that little white head T^T Lin Kai was awesome too, the most funniest part when he got rejected XD Of course, my dear dude, this is a BL, the author loves BL, why would they put a heterosexual love? (no prejudice, just bl) To be sincere, this is the funniest gag ever watched. Well done China, this time, I wasn't disappointed. Satisfied ( ̄︶ ̄)So Overall would be..... Infinite out of 10 ^^ How I found it: Since I ran out of BL ;-; I went over and checked on NU for Chinese novels 'BL' adapted to anime, and here! It's super cute and great!!!  Guys, people, animals, anime & donghua, and BL fans (yes, yes) PLEASE GO AHEAD AND WATCH IT!!!!!! IT'S AMAZING! YOU'LL LOVE IT. X3

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