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Alt title: Yosuga no Sora

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Jun 1, 2012

you see a lot of people call this anime out on being a hentai with a sh*ty story to go with it; of course there is always that taboo problem with incest that turns people off.

*showing to a friend of mine, first episode, everything going good until...*
"ewww! they kissed that's nasty! they're siblings! what are you showing me?!"

i might feel this way because i don't have any sibling and could just "not understand" the nasty-ness here. BUT i will say that regardless on your opinion on incest, it makes one hell of a romance drama! 

i liked this anime, i liked it a lot; as much as people will think i watch it to "get off" i can honestly say *though of course there are some hottish scenes* that YES i did infact watch it for the story >.>

now that i am on the topic of the story, lets talk about it some... simply i'll just say i liked it, i don't think it's necessary to get into the whole emotional/romance/psychological thing so i will skip straight to my complaints about it. my big complaint was how there are plenty of separate time-lines in the show. * basically, sense this has roots in visual novels, each time frame is about how haru gets with each girl* so there will be some story, then wham!: back to the end of episode 2 where it shows a sort of "what would have happen IF" ...the story i liked the most was the sora arc, yeah that's right, the incestuous story. if you feel like taking my word for it the sora timeline takes place with episodes "1,7,10,11,12" but if you're guna watch it i would suggest just watching the whole thing. its not all phenomenal but is all watchable.

one last note before i end the review; the soundtrack is wonderful! if i remember right there were a few tracks i thought were weird, but most of it is very pretty. there is a particular track i remember loving *track 5 on the ANIME ost; the vn ost is pretty back* that uses "i think" a steel string guitar, piano, and violin. if you never watch the anime i still suggest listening to this song ^.^ i also think it represents the anime pretty well so i will link it *regarding i can link things in reviews, have never tried before o.O* -


8/10 story
8/10 animation
10/10 sound
8/10 characters
9/10 overall
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Jun 15, 2013

Warning: May contain rage, sarcasm and some adult words.

Let’s make one thing clear - it’s an incest anime.  If the idea of incest genre even slightly makes you sick, stay away from this anime. It’s a hardcore incest between 100% blood-related twins not that cheery “we’re not related by blood” ecchi comedy that Kiss x sis was. Furthermore, it’s an ecchi (borderline hentai), harem, romance drama.  So right off the bat, the genres suggest that it’s either gonna be an unusual, interesting incest romance anime with harem in it or a generic, shitty, boring harem anime with incest in it. Unfortunately, it’s the latter.

Story: 2 (Generic, dumb, predictable)

The story opens with our main characters arriving to a countryside town to proceed with their lives after the loss of their parents. The brother then proceeds with his life by looking after his sickly sister, attending high-school and fucking every girl in the town. Oh sorry, too blunt for you? Well, the anime is not subtle in any way so why should I be? The story which could have been an interesting and original aspect of the anime, is actually one of the weakest points. It hits every single harem cliché. (Including the mandatory beach episode >.>) Would it kill anyone to actually attempt to make an original harem anime? It’s not that difficult, just chop off the protagonist’s head or something… (<- obscure reference)

Honestly, it is hard to describe the story because there practically was none up until the last couple of episodes. The majority of the episodes is just a quick look at other girls’ panties, err I mean, paths before proceeding with the incest theme. 

Animation: 7 (Good)

It’s an anime made in 2010 so naturally it looks good. Nothing amazing or anything but it’s not bad either. Good character designs, colorful backgrounds and so on. What annoys me is that the anime has genially good art that it doesn’t deserve. People put their time into animating a good looking anime that gets hugely let down by the fact that its story and characters are shit. 

Sound: 7 (Good)

Nothing lacks quality but nor does anything particularly stand out. The voice acting and the soundtrack were good but once again, just like the animation department, sound department gets hugely let down by the crap story and characters.

I have a complaint about a specific violin/piano melody that seemed to be a bit overused. And I don’t mean overused in an obnoxious way, I mean overused as if the staff went: “Oh hey, this scene is [attempting to be] serious so let’s put our sad track there.” I remember watching a sad drama scene and the violin track started playing. I realized that I (the viewer) was supposed to feel sad and compassionate for the emotions the characters were going through. Well, too bad I didn’t give a shit about the abysmal characters, thus soundtrack made the scenes look over dramatic. And even though the scene was dramatic, you can’t put clowns in drama, play a sad tune and expect the viewer take it seriously. 

Characters: 2 (horrible)

So we’ve come to the arguably worst aspect of the anime. If you create a harem anime that fails to deliver anything original in the story department to make it stand out in the huge crowd, you better make sure that the characters are interesting or at least - likeable. Yosuga no Sora utterly fails at both of these things.  

Personally, I HATED both of the twins. The brother which is the series protagonist is a generic harem protagonist stereotype (the only difference being him digging his sister). Aside from the moments when he had a mental breakdown or was fucking the entire female teenage population of the town without condoms, he was a rather normal character. Despite being attracted to his sister, he was reluctant to engage in any intimate relationship with her and the idea incest and society’s general attitude towards it was stressful and emotionally challenging for him… Of course, after he slept with his sister regardless, he then proceeded to go multiple phases of emotionally unstable prick.

The sister was abysmal since the beginning. Demanding, selfish, unsocial, sickly, selfish, unhappy, selfish asshole that had a huge crush on her brother and no regards to morals or society’s possible reaction to their incestuous relationship. Did I mention that she was selfish?

And do I even have to mention the secondary characters or may I assume that you’ve seen any other harem anime by now? They’re your typical characters – the protagonist’s best friend that is a pervert and a class-clown, class president, childhood friend with glasses and big tits and so forth. That being said, these generic harem character cut-outs were at least likeable or rather they were so generic there was no reason to hate them unlike the main two characters. Also, a special mention to a comic relief character – a maid named Motoka who had her own short comedy segment at the end of each episode featuring cute chibi style animation.

Overall: 3 (Bad)

Yosuga no Sora is a hugely missed opportunity. With the subject of incest it could have been an interesting romance drama about brother and sister’s relationship and the society’s attitude towards them and that relationship. Instead, it focuses too much time to be your generic shitty harem with shoe-horning in as many H-scenes as possible. It attempts to be drama towards the end but at that point, you’re past the point of giving a crap and you know exactly what you’re watching.  The only remotely different thing this anime does compared to some other visual novel based anime is the fact that the protagonist sleeps with every girl as opposed to none of them and actually makes a choice at the end.

The overall impression of Yosuga no Sora is very poor. Sure the animation and sound are good but that means absolutely nothing without compelling, well put-together story and engaging characters. The anime barely explores its main subject matter (incest) and even that it does remarkably poorly.

Note: Please understand that I don’t condone incest in any way. However, I do think that it’s a rarely explored territory in a proper, mature fiction. The premise of incest can lead to an interesting character, taboo and society study in any sort of fiction (be it anime, books or movies). Unfortunately, as stated in my review, Yosuga no Sora is none of that.

2/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
2/10 characters
3/10 overall
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Jul 10, 2016

The general story revolves around a pair of sibilings that have returned to a small village they once lived in when they were younger, however not on the best of circumstances. Despite this Haruka finds himself easily making life long friends whilst his sister Sora finds it a touch more difficult to come out of her shell.

Now. This is above all a great romance, I cannot stress this enough. Do not let the tags or other reviews deter you from missing out on this great anime. 


In episodes 1-3 of the series the story focuses on the romance between Haruka and one of his classmates Kazuha. She is a brilliant violinist, with some family difficulties that Haruka helps her work through. These first few episodes are raw, and emoitonal.....indeed the rest of the shows tone and atmospher is set and crafted by these beginning episodes. Its worth mentioning that the constant motif of Sora's dream in which her and Haruka kissed as children is brought to the attention of the viewer

In episodes 4-6 Haruka begins a romance with another one of his friends which he knew as a child. she's a traditional shrine maiden and her name is Akira. Much like Kazuha she too has a littany of problems, but Haruka helps her push through and break down her hym- i mean door to her heart

In episodes 7-9 Haruka's friend and previous predator Nao, begin a romance despite her having taken advantage and raped him when they were children. Unfortuantely Sora becomes particularly hostile and jealous of this relationship. As not only did she see her brother get raped but she also wants to be held in the same way Haruka is holding the other girls in the village.

NOW - Episodes 10-12 can be considered the crescendo of this amazing series. Due to events that I won't go into at length Haruka begins to notice Sora, as more then just his sister. The two are awkward at first but realise theres something primal and chemical in the works that can't keep them apart.

In summary, they have sex. Like seriously they have sex everywhere, like Nao his previous girlfriend walks in on them having sex. I won't spoil the ending but lets just say it ends in a climax ;)

P.S the music is hauntingly beautiful and fits the tone of this masterpiece perfectly.

Overall - this is NOT a hentai. Its a loving story between siblings, that just happens to be technichally immoral or disturbing (to some people). If you're too closed minded I suggest you watch something vapid and mindless like Hellsing or its horrible sequel Hellsing Ultimate (please see my review).

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Jun 22, 2017

This is your pilot speaking..We are in for a rough flight because of admin shitstorm coming my way so if you're not capable of dealing with some "rough" language begone and come back when you're old enough to buy Playboy.

You know i always wanted to post a review of Yosuga no Sora.Don't know why i didn't but i now realise my wrongdoing and that i must share this 8th Wonder with all of you.

You must have come to the same conclusion as me by now,that the world has gone soft and mad and everyone is offended by every single fucking thing and we have strayed from the path of God and righteousness and fallen for the devil's trickery and onto the road of lust and sex and that fucked up speeches normally priests deliver at Sunday morning.Well i'm from the old guard and i was vaccinated to build resistance to this new age shit.

Let's all sing along my brothas and sistas:"I'M NOT OFFENDED BY EVERYTHING CAUSE I'M NOT AN IRRITATING TWAT".

Which swiftly brings me on to this gift from the heavens.In an age where the world was going mad with political correctness,they showed up in the sky and gave us this..The holy bible of "The Hell With These Fucktards".And we were saved and dancing happily under the moonlit sky.That's how important this anime is to humanity.It's a fierce,one ton and a half testosterone punch that pierces through your medieval brains.It's a sign that there's still hope left for us normal people.

This little anime can stir your soul and indeed your pants if you're openminded.It's a story of 2 young siblings Haruka and Sora,who beaten from their cruel fate ended up in a village..Living alone in an empty house they struggled to survive..With little to eat Haruka decided to go for hunting..So out he went and brought back some pussy..Sora didn't like that cause she wanted to eat her brother's sausage for the rest of eternity.But Haru was bent on eating other people's pussies..Nothing could stop him.Nor the harsh enviroment or the bad weather..He went on a rampage and took no prisoners..................But Sora had other plans,so filled with jealousy and murderous intents she claimed what was her own..Her brother's D..She didn't care what the rest of the world would say,she didn't even care when people saw them doing the 2 headed beast.All she wanted was him..And so on and so forth and just watch it....

It's a love story then..So what if it has some incest in it?In America,land of the free it's common practice..And they're the biggest nation on earth so they MUST know better than you lot.Yosuga doesn't lie about what it is.It doesn't pretend to be something more than what it trully is.It's touching on one of the biggest tabboos ever recorded in human history..And trust me it takes some real balls to do that,especially when most people freak out like little bitches.You need balls of steel and superhuman will.And thank god the creators had it in them.

I dare not analyse further this masterpiece.It's great in every way and it makes people sick and mad.I love it for what it is,for what it wants to achieve..And compared to the "play it safe " animes,this WILL go down in history as one of the most daring animes and one of the all time greats..And that can be said for only a handfull of animes.

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall
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Jul 17, 2020

I found Yosuga no Sora interesting, not great, but certainly interesting. And interesting enough that I feel the need to write a review, because it wasn't what I expected based on tags and a skim of the top reviews here. 

With all the uproar about the twincest, the sexually explicit tag, and hentai comparisons, I was pretty shocked to find it on Crunchyroll and expected it to be a white barred mess. Perhaps what is on Crunchyroll is heavily edited even still, but as that is what I saw, it is what I'm basing my review on.

The story layout is probably my favorite part of this anime. Because of the circular way they choose to tell us the story, we keep getting more and more information without it feeling all expositional. The easiest analogies to the format are visual novels, otome games, and choose your own adventure books. Amnesia is another show that utilizes a similar format with less structure. Yosuga no Sora's storylines are clearly defined, going so far as to give you a 'the end' screen after each one. Because of these separated, yet related, storylines, this anime gave me the feel of a slice of life harem, though, as it isn't an actual harem, there wasn't that frustration over the dude never Choosing anyone. 

Now about the sex. Don't watch this expecting porn, because it's not. If you're used to watching anime where there is little to no physical interaction, the sex scenes will probably feel like porn to you. However if you watch or read any erotica at all, this will come across as tame and very obviously shot for the benefit of straight men. Bouncing boobies, booties, the knowledge that the sex is happening, along with moaning do not sexually explicit make. At least not in my book. There's not even full frontal nudity in this... so.. yeah. 

Truthfully, they could have made it twice as long. They touch on a Lot of Heavy issues lots of emotionally scaring stuff. The potential is there for this to have gone a completely different direction. Perhaps it's more impactful that they kind of push those buttons then shoo you on to the next thing. I would not classify this as a "happy" show overall.

I don't envision myself rewatching this, at the same time I don't regret the hours spent on it this evening. It was a nice change of pace.

7/10 story
8/10 animation
7/10 sound
4/10 characters
6/10 overall