Yona of the Dawn: Zeno Arc

Alt title: Akatsuki no Yona: Zeno Arc

OVA (2 eps)
4.359 out of 5 from 5,080 votes
Rank #91

The two anime episodes will completely cover the Zeno Arc, which tells the backstory of the character Zeno.

Source: ANN

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  The Akatsuki no Yona anime ended just after Yona finished collecting the four dragons, completing them by adding Zeno, the cheerful yellow dragon, into the mix in the last episode. Most, watching the anime are left with the impression of Zeno as this bright sunny like character. But there are a few scenes that show that he does have more depth then just the clueless, happy go lucky, weak yellow dragon that really make you curious about his backround... I fell in love with the anime so after it ended I immediately devoured each and every chapter of the manga that picked up where this wonderful series left off. And Zeno's history ... it's what made him into my second favorite character of the series (pushing aside Jae-ha in his path and knocking everybodies favorite green dragon into third place[Hak being first of course]). Zeno's past is heartbreaking and sad to read... watching it in animated form, even when I knew what was going to happen and had been prepared, I still bawled like a baby! T^T If you're wondering if these OVA's are worth watching then the answer is an emphatic YES!!! This arc is covered in the manga (though it comes up in a slightly different way...) and is absolutely necessary for any Akatsuki no Yona fans to watch! Zeno's history is very tragic and sad, but he is such an inspiring character who carries on despite his loss. And ... you also will get a look into what exactly Zeno's power is as the yellow dragon. And, once you find out, you will never ever call him the weak one ever again! (hint: Zeno is a badass! ;D). ^This part made me cry a little...

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