Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou: Quiet Country Cafe

Alt title: Quiet Country Cafe

OVA (2 eps x 33 min)
2002 - 2003
3.498 out of 5 from 888 votes
Rank #6,077

Alpha, an abandoned robot, runs a small shop in the backwoods of Japan. With an ever-present lack of customers, she passes the days enjoying the little things in life, such as the smell of freshly brewed coffee, and conversation with her neighbors. But when a typhoon emerges and damages the shop, Alpha decides to embark on a journey to see other parts of Japan, expand her horizons, and explore other aspects of life.

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When I started watching Quiet Country Café, I was almost positive that the anime would be pretty much identical to the original anime in mood and tone. I was fully ready to post up a 4 sentence review saying something along the lines of, “This is exactly the same as the original. If you liked the original OVA, you’ll like this one too.” However, what I found was something that’s actually quite different, in its own subtle fashion. As I stated in my review of the original work, I found the original Yokohama Kaidashi Kikou’s mood to not only be calm and cheerful, but also depressingly claustrophobic. However, I certainly didn’t feel any of that here. In this OVA, a certain seemingly disastrous event occurs (yes, something actually HAPPENS in this one) which acts as a catalyst for the main character to embark on a kind of spiritual journey. This outing manages to be surprisingly uplifting; while watching the original OVA, I felt that the main character was trapped in an imaginary prison, yearning to break free and explore her surroundings. In this OVA, she does just that, and the results are very satisfying. Also, the plotline seems a little better than before. In the original, I found the moments of beautiful serenity to be somewhat at odds with the moments of absolute tedium. There seems to be much less of the latter in this latest installment; in the original OVA, there was an absolutely painful scene in which the main character spent 5 minutes making a cup of coffee, but in Quiet Country Café moments like that are small if they even exist at all. Furthermore, I found the music to be a significant improvement over the last OVA. Both the JPop songs and the instrumental BGMs work much better, and are just flat out nicer to listen to. Unfortunately, the animation isn’t really better. The difference between the two animes is a pretty clear example of the strengths and weaknesses of computer-aided animation. While the new OVA has brighter colors and more nicely defined character designs, it lacks the incredibly nice detail in the animation that the original OVA had. In this one, movements are less fluid, there are less visual touches to make the animation seem special, and the characters “stick out” in front of the backgrounds more. While the animation is still pretty good, it wasn't particularly impressive either. All in all, I think Quiet Country Café is significantly better than its predecessor. The nicer mood, the more engaging plot, and the superior music, combined with the fact that this anime’s style takes getting used to before you can really like it (insert lame metaphor regarding coffee here), allow for a much more pleasurable experience.

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