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Alt title: Hanyou no Yashahime: Sengoku Otogizoushi

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Jan 10, 2021

I originally gave Yashahime a higher score of 4/10 but it really doesn't even deserve that much. This sequel is nothing like Inuyasha and that's okay but it's so poorly written. I'm a huge fan of the original series but this is just horrible and it hurts to see the fandom give it praise. This was really just made to cash in on people's nostalgia. It wasn't even Rumiko Takahashi's idea and you can tell she just worked on character designs because that's the only good part of this whole series.

Story: The plot is a mess and keeps introducing random demons who have nothing to do with the story. I can't figure out what the main goal of thr characters is besides Towa who wants to find the dream butterfly to help Setsuna regain her memories and sleep again. It's revealed that Inuyasha and Kagome are sealed away in his father's grave and Rin is sealed in the tree of ages. Of course no one is trying to help them because the children don't even know who their parents are or that they're sealed away. There's the main villain Kirinmaru, who I guess is trying to get the 7 rainbow pearls. The pearls are really just a ripoff of the rainbow crystals from Sailor Moon combined with the shikon jewel from the original Inuyasha series. Moroha, Setsuna, and Towa all have rainbow pearls sealed in one of their eyes so Kirinmaru and his gang are out to get them. Kirinmaru is also against them because he's the rival of their grandfather, Inu no Taisho aka Tōga. The main characters from the original cast hardly do anything and they feel really different from their old selves. The plot is hard to understand and is so poorly written that you can't really summarize what the hell is going on. This sequel reads like a horribly written fan fiction and I have no idea how it was green lit.

Characters: Moroha is the only character I really liked and probably the only redeeming quality of this show overall. You can tell that she's Inuyasha and Kagome's child because of how extroverted and determined she is. Setsuna is an okay character but she still feels a little flat and undeveloped. Towa is one of the worst characters out of the whole sequel. She is annoying as hell and is constantly sympathizing with the demons. Not to mention, she gives her rainbow pearl to Riku, who is seen interacting with the villains. She literally regrets giving it to him a few minutes later and that just pissed me off. Takechiyo is really just Shippo 2.0 but more annoying and he doesn't really offer anything to the story other than comedic relief that comes off as annoying. Kirinmaru is a less menacing Naraku and all the villains are really poorly written. They're literally getting their asses beat by children who are not even full demon, which is just plot armor at its finest. Now let's talk about the old cast. Inuyasha and Kagome the main characters of the old series are hardly present so there's not really anything to talk about. Miroku is training to become a better priest and that's it. I wish they would go more into depth about him losing his wind tunnel and the implications of it but they just show him training and sealing Setsuna's demon form. Sango and the rest of the female cast have been reduced to being just mothers and wives. It's okay if they're mothers but they should be more than just that. They really lack their old personalities and feel like imposters of their original selves. Shippo isn't present in the sequel at all because we have Shippo 2.0, aka Takechiyo. Sesshomaru is siding with the villains to I guess protect his kids, Setsuna and Towa. They really destroyed his character in this sequel. First he had kids with Rin who was believed to be 14 or 15 at the time, then he follows the villains around and does what they want. In the original series, he did whatever he wanted, even if he became softer he was still kind of cold. His actions make no sense in this series and I don't understand why Rin had to be the mother. I saw it coming but it still comes off as pedophilia. Kaede is still alive for some reason and I guess it's because the writers didn't have the balls to kill her off. The characters feel so dull and I can't really attach myself to any of them besides Moroha. 

I hoped that this sequel would be good because I loved the Inuyasha series, but I clearly had my standards too high. I do not recommend this anime to anyone, especially old fans of the original series. It ruined what was once a good ending and ruined the original characters. It's sad because we could have easily got a good remake or reboot of one of Takahashi's older series like Urusei Yatsura, Ranma 1/2 or Maison Ikkoku. My disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined.

1/10 story
5/10 animation
6/10 sound
2/10 characters
1.5/10 overall
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Apr 14, 2021

Yashahime follows the trend of most modern sequels. It’s heavily dependent on the original cast, it has a lot more emphasis on chicks than men, and is overall unneeded and a waste of time. Inuyasha had already outstayed its welcome by over a hundred episodes, but at least it ended. You were free to leave it behind you as a very good action adventure than ran out of juice very quickly and then kept going in circles until you no longer gave a damn. Years later and for no logical financial reason they decided to make a sequel for a show nobody asked for or was looking forward to. How did they expect to make back their money I have no idea, since everyone had either moved on to other shows, or stopped watching anime altogether. And they didn’t exactly win back a lot of people with the direction the continuation had. I am not referring only to the callbacks, which were the only interesting thing about it. There were nonstop cameos of older characters and locations for attracting the fans of the original for which they would have a heavy dose of nostalgia about a show they had watched decades ago.

The problem was with the newer stuff which was a complete mess to figure out or to give a damn about in general. It’s all fine when they are showing you what the older characters are doing in flashbacks, but when the plot switches to the newer ones you are just waiting for another flashback. The three girls we are following for most of the show have very little to do compared to their parents. One of them wants to make money. The other one wants to be able to dream again. The third one wants everyone to be friendly with each other. Holy shit, how is any of that interesting? Remember the monk who would be sucked in a black hole at any moment? Now that’t tension. And sure, the objective is to eventually defeat a super powerful demigod, but most of the show is wasted on silly episodic missions with weak enemies. The older series was also full of silly adventures to the most part, but that show came out at a time when having a loose plot was fine. You could have a hundred filler episode of Naruto in a row and people wouldn’t give up. A mostly episodic structure no longer works nowadays. That aside, the fights were far more exciting back then, because the horror aspect was far more prevalent. In Yashahime you never feel any tension or dread, because it’s like a bunch of silly girls going on a picnic. They are more preoccupied with unimportant first world problems than with dealing with demigods who ruined their childhood, hurt their parents, and who want to kill them. And the reason they can be so carefree is because the bad guys are not killing them despite being easy and despite knowing of the prophesy which foretells of their demise by their hands. It’s obvious plot armor and there is no good justification for it.

And even that is peanuts before the incomprehensible plot. They constantly throw these little mysteries in order to make the characters act in mysterious ways. They want to make you believe there is a lot going on behind the scenes and that is why their motivations seem to change from one episode to another. But that is not true. The more they explain what they want to do, the more you realize not even the writers know what is going on. They keep flip flopping for the sake of the plot, or plot armor in general. It’s so jarring.

And what the hell is wrong with their magic powers? Many special attacks in Inuyasha could only be used if you had a special weapon or you went through a specific procedure. In Yashahime most of these special attacks can be used freely and right away. It doesn’t matter what weapon they use and they sure as hell didn’t spend any time in training so they can learn any of those abilities. Like a typical modern shonen, the best powers are given to them right away when the plot demands it, usually in the middle of a fight and with no effort. That makes the fights very boring, because they are won too easily. As a follow up to that, it never feels like they deserve their victories, because they use powers they shouldn’t be able to master so easily. In Inuyasha they would always spend a few episodes on getting a power up, and then a few more on using it properly. There is no such thing in Yashahime; everything is easy and the girls are going on a picnic where they discuss their first world problems. It’s so boring to watch.

Oh, and one last thing. The only time the show created some buzz during its run, was when it was revealed who was the mother of two of the girls. Hell broke loose because it was Rin, a girl that was like a daughter to Sesshomaru. They never showed any romantic interests, not even in the sequel, so it came off as grooming, a very typical thing in anime that feature a man raising a girl as his daughter, only for eventually making her his wife. It doesn’t matter if that was common in feudal Japan. We didn’t see them falling in love, there was no build up to that relationship, and therefore it comes off as disgusting. And that is Yashahime in a nutshell. A show nobody wanted, almost nobody watched, and even those who gave it a chance ended up hating it for having dull main characters, boring fights, incomprehensible bad guys, and disgusting grooming.

3/10 story
7/10 animation
7/10 sound
3/10 characters
4/10 overall
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Dec 12, 2020

If you are expecting this anime to be anything like Inuyasha prepare to be disappointed. This anime's poor character development tends to leave you wondering what is going on. I just finished episode 6 and the main story line is still unclear. I can only hope it gets better, however it seems this won't be a great continuation of a fun and entertaining series.

Update: As of episode 10 I am dropping this anime giving it half a star. I had really looked forward to the continuation of Inuyasha, but this anime has proven to be a confusing mess. Poor character development and a weak storyline are the main issues.

1/10 story
?/10 animation
?/10 sound
2/10 characters
2/10 overall
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Apr 2, 2021

Yashahime had a lot to live up to, especially being an anime about the children of the much beloved anime, Inuyasha. Moroha, Setsuna and Towa are all loveable characters in their own right, but in a much different way that Kagome, Inuyasha, Sango and Miroku were.  The nostalgia that was held with the previous series slightly comes through with this series as some characters carry over, but most of them are new or grown-up. The overall story is more of an introduction and starter to telling the story of what is to become of Inuyasha and Sesshomaru’s daughters. 

The start explains how Towa is connected to the present, making a connection towards how Kagome used to come from the present and traveled to feudal Japan. The three females battle with a lot, all coming from different backgrounds yet all tied together to adventure and defeat other demons. There is a light overall storyline, but it revolves more around character building the three main characters rather than telling the main plot or explaining anything that has happened between Inuyasha and Yashahime. 

The animation and sound are both smooth, contributing to the great overall flow of the show. Both opening and ending songs are both great, featuring a lot of scenes from the anime as well as tying in a lot of nostalgia that is highly anticipated from the show. Overall this show as much as people were looking for a nostalgic show, it should be seen as a separate entity and something in its own right.

6/10 story
6/10 animation
7/10 sound
8/10 characters
7/10 overall
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Mar 24, 2021

Well inyuasha's bortuto like sequel is here. And honestly it's uhh ok, it's certainly a show that's is reminiscent of older shounens. The problem is just that ,shows that old are typically followed by remember it's old so don't be so rough but this came out in 2020 so tough luck. 

for the short side I would say if you get 5-6 episodes in and you just aren't feeling it then drop/put it on hold because there is a second season and it could get better. Otherwise don't hold your breath.

Now onto the detailed reveiw 

aniamtions are okay . To be fair it's not bad, it definitely succeeded at trying to retain the old style of animation. But there are definitely some rough spots that you'll double take when you see it 

The Sound mmmm sucks there just really don't any background noise. All they have is music and sometimes a bad choice for the scene at that. The multiple OPs And EPs are really good which is why it wasn't a lower score 

characters are okay incredibly one dimensional but they are mildly entertaining. More depth is always good a back story doesn't make a characters good it's how they act in different situations that make them what they are and we'll these just all acted the same or incredibly predictable.

Yeesh the story they had a goal and she never followe on it she's mentioned it all the time for the first 12-16 epsidoes then at least once an epsiode for the rest but guess what she didn't do anything with that instead it became hunt the demon lord guys because plot says so. That really made it stale really fast. 

so if you are really looking for a show that reminds you of the old anime you watch when you were a little kid then Yashahime will scratch that nostalgic itch I know it sorta does for me. I know I went a bit gentle on it because of that. The only problem is that it reminds you of all the poor writing that came with these 90s-early 2000s shows

If you do try it out then have some fun with yashahime it certainly is a blast to the past 

6/10 story
6/10 animation
5/10 sound
6.5/10 characters
6/10 overall