Yarichin Bitch-bu

Alt title: Yarichin Bitch Club

OVA (2 eps)
2018 - 2019
3.563 out of 5 from 4,865 votes
Rank #3,581

Takashi Touno has just transferred to Morimori Academy, a private boarding school deep in the mountains. He meets Yaguchi, his first and only friend, but as he is bad at sports he does not join the soccer club with Yaguchi. He opts instead for the easy photography club. but finds that it is also called the "Playboy Bitch Club," and is filled with many colorful and interesting upperclassmen. Another boy named Kashima joins at the same time as Touno, and ends up confessing to Touno on the spot. Touno finds Yaguchi cute, but Yaguchi can't help but blush and be embarrassed around Kashima.

Source: ANN

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I'm sorry, but why does this anime have such high ratings? I contemplated dropping it so many times while watching it. The only reason I actually managed to watch all two episodes was because of (some of) the pairings and the main song (very catchy, one of my favourite songs, but that isn't the point). It was specifically the main pairing, Kashima and Toono, that seemed relatively interesting. They seemed to have a healthy relationship building up, which was surprising considering the amount of shit in this god-awful yaoi. My main problem with this anime was the fact that they glorified some really horrible topics such as child prostitution, rape and pedophillia. The entire anime is literally about a high school club where boys aged 15-18 provide sexual service to their classmates and even other teachers. One of the club rules is that if a member dorsn't have sex for a month, they all have an orgy (that is implied to be forced). ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Look, I'm not one of those kind of people who say that yaoi is homophobic, I'd say I'm the opposite of that. I think that yaoi is perfectly fine, and often times it doesn't feitishize any gay men, I have a very strong opinion on that. But this? This was just a mess. And the sad thing is that it is a popular yaoi anime, so it just gives a horrendous view on yaoi to those who want to try something new. When the anti-yaoi people see shit like this, this is why they think yaoi is bad. They see rape and pedophillia and child prostitution being fetishised, and understandably build a negative opinion on other yaoi because of it. So, uh, if you got to the end of my long rant, good job!

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