Alt title: Tales of Demons and Gods

Web (40 eps x 7 min)
3.996 out of 5 from 412 votes
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Mookashea Jul 9, 2017
Score 1/10

The anime is the worst thing that they could have done to the story. I am a big fan of both the manga and the novel and was so happy when I saw they were doing an animation. But with poor animation choppy scenes and even worse voice acting I am sad this was made. And it says something that the voice acting was the best part about this. I still love the story and will continue to read it but this is an... read more

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midgetbear Mar 25, 2018
Score 8/10

I am personally not sure why many people seem to dislike the animation. in comparision with the manga it is indeed inferior to it, but that doesn't matter. the manga is really good, and i'm exited every time there is a new update. the animation is not that bad, the intro is fantastic but maybe a little too long given that the episodes are 7 minutes, and they still made the opening 1 minute 30. the episodes are... read more

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