Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories

TV (13 eps x 5 min)
3.446 out of 5 from 2,191 votes
Rank #3,382

Step right up and gaze upon tales of horror and wonder, of urban legends and terrifying mysteries alike. From a man who suffers a mysterious accident on a business trip, to a boy who witnesses a horrifying family secret, to even a man who’s certain he’s being watched by a long-haired, creepy woman, there’s plenty of harrowing stories to be told.

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The Talisman Woman image

Episode 1

The Talisman Woman

Zanbai image

Episode 2


The Family Rule image

Episode 3

The Family Rule

The Next Floor image

Episode 5

The Next Floor

The Overhead Rack image

Episode 6

The Overhead Rack

Contradiction image

Episode 7


The Umbrella Goddess image

Episode 8

The Umbrella Goddess

Cursed image

Episode 9


The Moon image

Episode 10

The Moon

Tomonari-kun image

Episode 12


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Vaniltea's avatar
Vaniltea Oct 4, 2014
Score 8/10

We can all agree on the fact that horror anime often fail to actually be scary. Yet, it seems that Yami Shibai does a good job at it.


Each episode consists in a 4-minute short story, always following the same pattern and starting with the narration of a storyteller who briefly introduces us to the characters. We are then rapidly thrown into a seemingly ordinary situation, which... read more

JadedDragos's avatar
JadedDragos Jun 25, 2018
Score 9.5/10

So a while back I was looking for some horror stuff and I came across this and got into it. I am loving these short stories! Doesnt take very much background info to know what's going on and that's good for this series. I love the change in animation to a 2D setting, I think it brings the horror aspect out even more. So in short (haha), if you like horror then give this series a whirl, it's some great stuff... read more

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