Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches PV

Alt title: Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo PV

Web (1 ep x 2 min)
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Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches PV

An animated promotional video for the Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches manga.

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Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches is your typical comedy set in a high school which at the end becomes a bit of a rom-com. It's not bad, I watched it to the end and it had me laughing a couple of times in the last episodes. But it has nothing in terms of story, characters or animation that would make it memorable or particularly enjoyable in any way. It does get better in the last 5 episodes, I guess that's what saves it from being a total waste of time. But still. Short summary of the story. Yamada-kun is a high school student who one day accidentally falls from the stairs on top of one of his female classmates, Shiraishi, and passes out. He wakes up in the school infirmary and when he gets a glimpse of himself in a mirror, he is obviously extremely baffled and surprised to find himself staring at Shiraishi. What happened was that during the fall they had accidentally kissed and this had triggered a kind of body-swapping ability possessed by one of them. The first half of the anime sees Yamada and Shiraishi exploring this ability (repeatedly kissing and swapping bodies not only among themselves but also with other students), using it to cheat on school tests and get out of scrapes, and then joining the Supernatural studies club. You've got no idea about who or even what the "witches" of the title are until more or less episode 6, which is also when the plot starts getting developed a bit more seriously, the characters start increasing as well as the pacing. I won't add anything else to avoid spoilers, but I will say that the story isn't great and I was annoyed about how they all seem to use their abilities in a nonsensical way, sometimes it isn't even clear how these abilities work. Nor do you know where they came from or why they happened to be bestowed on the students of that school. Apart from this, the story gets developed in the second half of the anime with a pacing that isn't too bad and then it gets an acceptable - and kind of sweet - ending.  The characters are, once again, nothing special. But likeable. I guess there's also some - very little - development. Mainly on Shiraishi's part, the female protagonist. Yamada stays pretty much the same, even though he does get to care increasingly for his friends - and Shiraishi - as the episodes go by. The rest are pretty average for this kind of anime, one-dimensional cookie-cutter characters.  Animation and sound are ok. Overall, I'd say you can watch this if you're in the mood for some light entertainment without expecting too much from the story or the characters.

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