Yakitori: Soldiers of Misfortune

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Set in a future where the solar system is dominated by trade federations who are in constant conflict. In order to escape his restrictive homeland of Japan, and under the recommendation of his military cook friend Pupkin, Akira enlists in a trade federation orbital drop infantry unit. Such infantry are notorious for their 70% casualty rate, and are nicknamed "yakitori" for their expendability.

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Yakitori: Soldier’s Of Misfortune This anime is just so boring, unoriginal and quickly forgettable. This is yet another anime in the Netflix crap list, you know along with stuff like Hero Mask. Netflix need to stick to buying licenses of good anime’s to put on their own platforms, instead of continuing to fail at attempting to create good original anime. Why is Yakitori so bad? Let’s Begin With The StoryThe story is so basic here, copy and paste. Aliens come to earth and take over with their superiority. The funny catch is they look like animals. Yeah, I’m not joking, and what really takes the cake is there’s no mention/sight of animals on earth like they never existed. Why not just do the whole aliens hiding in plain sight thing haha, maybe I just gave Netflix a season 2 idea. Oh god. CharactersEvery single character here is so generic,unmemorable and unlikeable. They all have overused names hilariously suiting which country of origin they come from. Starting with the main character Akira IHOTSU from Japan, he’s so one note it’s tiring. As he goes on about the overdone “I work alone” “I don’t trust anyone crap” Then we come to Amalia SCHULZ who’s from England and she’s always like “stop beating around the bush” and “cups of tea” you know because she’s British. Yay, no we don’t talk like this and I’ve never met a British person who does. She’s annoying as hell and doesn’t seem to shut up. Then we have Erland MARTONEN from Sweden who try’s to keep the team together, we have to work as a team cliche. Moving on to Tyrone BAXTER from American, he’s always like “everything’s cool man, that’s awesome” along with Yang ZIHAN from china, she’s the quiet, but smart tough type, we have seen before many times. This is the team we follow, two of them can’t stop arguing, but eventually come close. Because they had to put that in there to adding to the cliche list. They also have an AI called Mimi HATSUNE, who’s basically just a furry version of saga’s HATSUNE Miku. She even dances while giving battle tactics. How Netflix weren’t done for copyright here, is beyond me. Perhaps it’s some deal they had with sega, but if so why not just use HATSUNE Miku. Enthier way she’s very annoying her voice goes straight to your ears in a bad way. During their first meeting, they can all just understand each other, despite coming from completely country’s. This is never explained, only the humans learning the alien’s language. AnimationWow everything in this anime seems to move soooooo slooowly. It’s not exactly bad animation, if anything it’s been over animated to the point, where Netflix’s animators didn’t know how to move the characters at a normal speed. This makes what’s an already boring show even harder to watch, I honestly felt my brain being fried. I’ve seen this issue with many Netflix’s originals they don’t seem to be able to animate basic movements. This is shown even worse in their action anime’s. As you will find yourself bored even when action takes place. I will say the explosions look good, for whatever that’s worth. MusicFor some reason, someone thought classical music would suit here, it just feels so out of place and they even try to remix it, jazzing it up with some dance beats, yeah it’s not working Netflix music team. ConclusionI wasn’t expecting much from this anime, once I saw the Netflix’s original slapped on it. This has seriously become a curse now. Yakitori: Soldiers Of Misfortune is just follows the disappointment these Netflix originals give. It adds nothing new and isn’t worth your time. As you will quickly forget it. There are much better anime's to watch, I’m starting to wonder, why I bothered watching it. Oh yeah I forgot to mention the enemies are mole rats, as they disagree with the main aliens that look like animals council. So it’s basically humans shooting mole rats and they shot back. Yeeeeah try to have fun with that, if you watch it.But trust me stay away there’s much better anime’s actually worth your time. Final ScoreI give Yakitori: Soldier’s Of Misfortune a low 3/10, your time will be much better spent of the next seasons to shows you love. Thanks for reading FIN

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