Ya Boy Kongming!

Alt title: Paripi Koumei

TV (12 eps)
4.138 out of 5 from 3,442 votes
Rank #488

General of the Three Kingdoms, Kongming had struggled his whole life, facing countless battles that made him into the accomplished strategist he was. So on his deathbed, he wished only to be reborn into a peaceful world... and was sent straight to modern-day party-central, Tokyo! Can even a brilliant strategist like Kongming adapt to the wild beats and even wilder party people?!

Source: Kodansha

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Paripi kongming/Koumei is one of the more unique shows to come out of spring 2022, and good lord it is a banger, and I’m not talking about the OP of this show, the entire thing is just whoo. Personally, I haven’t watched anything close to this, but it gives me sorta Hinamatsuri vibes. Start to finish it’s just a fun show to watch. Story: I don’t what it is but it’s really fun to watch an 1841-year-old tactician use his knowledge of military strategy in the music industry,which ngl is somewhat of a war zone itself, helping this "songstress" in her journey. Animation & Sound: This comes from studio P.A works, guys behind charlotte, angel beats and a lull in the sea. So yeah dude, your eyes & ears are in for a treat whether it’s the opening, the ending or throughout the episode their animation quality & the sound stays on point. They nailed this show Yo. Characters: The show is taking it’s time with developing the characters which is really good and much needed. Imagine, what if your great grandpa was to be iskeaid in 2022, what would he do with his knowledge? How would he adjust to this new world? And that’s why the interactions between our statesman/paripi hehe with the modern world is just something that is refreshing to see. Overall: Every Year or season there's a banger of a show, that just goes under the radar until much much later, shadowed by much bigger shows.This feels like that.But Every Minute of this show feels like a second, there’s just something about music, it just makes time go zoom and since the entire show is based around that,so you end up feeling like “wait its already over?? MAAAN!”. So, DO NOT SLEEP on this Anime. If you like music, you’re aboslutely gonna love this. So, check it out Yo, Paripi koumei is the hero we needed for the music-based anime category So cut the isekai shit son cause you know they’re just transitory Now please take my advice and heed it If you don’t wanna , then at least take the manga and read it.


The first thing that came to my mind when watching it was that it was fun. A strange concept to be honest. "A big brain Chinese tactician gets reborn in modern Japan and gets mesmerized by the MC's song, then devotes himself to make her dream come true." It was so out of the textbook that I thought the writer just took some random words from the dictionary, threw them in a box; picked whatever came first to his hand and boom; made a story. But yes, it has passions, it has emotions and the persuasion of achieving a dream with enough light-hearted comedy to lift you up for the day. Story: The story was quite simple. No heavy elements. Except for the explanation of elements from "Romance of the Three Kingdom" at the start of each episode except for the first few. That was pretty hard to follow, but that wasn't necessary to the main plot, so I'll just keep that aside and say, "Interesting yet simple plot with nice execution. The flow and pacing is well done." Art and Animation: Nice. Nice. It was nice. Art was simple but good-looking. 2D animation had no lacking to be honest. Quite good. Though I didn't see any special animation until last 2 episode, but who cares. 3DCG was better than many. In most cases, no one wouldn't even notice. I noticed only like... 4...5...6... 6 times. Going to ensure you, this number is quite low. So don't worry about staining your eyes with CG. LOL. Characters: Interesting set of characters... most, I mean. Characters like Kabetaijin and Koumei stood out the most to me. The MC wasn't lacking that much... but what do you call it? Typical? Music and Sound: An anime 'bout music. So obviously the music in it is going to be in question here. Before judging, let's know about a fact. Let's pretend in a garden every 100 apples there is one rotten apple. You took 10 apples in a basket. What's the chance of getting a rotten apple? Pretty low right? Then you took 100 in a car. Now the chance? Got higher. Take 1000 in a van? Chance got higher. 100000 in a truck? Obviously, you're getting some rotten apples. "The more the elements, the more chance of finding a flaw. It's natural." When there is so much music, it's not wrong to assume that some are going to be trash. I'm amazed how well they tackled it. There were songs early in the show which just weren't that great. But I have to say they weren't bad. And as the series went on, the quality only became better and better. Let's talk about OP and ED. My god. The OP is too good, and I know many watched it just because they wanted to vibe to Chiki-chiki-ban-ban. The ED was good as well. Not on the level of OP, but good. Enjoyment: It's fun :) Now the ratings: Story = 7.5/10 Art and Animation = 8/10 Characters = 8/10 Music and Sound = 9.5/10 Enjoyment = 9/10 Overall = 8.4/10 Last words: Unless you don't like to have fun, this show is for you. I enjoyed it and maybe you'll too. Many may not like it because it's quite shallow in terms of story and characters, but I highly recommend it. Just to enjoy it.

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