Xuan Yuan Sword Luminary

Alt title: Ken En Ken: Aoki Kagayaki

TV (13 eps)
Fall 2018
2.961 out of 5 from 448 votes
Rank #15,927

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Ken En Ken: Aoki Kagayaki Surely you've seen some anime and just thought "Wow, this is bad! Possibly even the worst anime there is-" No. But this one could be in the top 15 worst anime series of all time by any possible measure. To describe the anime briefly: "Random Bullshit Go". We have Avatar the Lord of Elements + some low-budget magic building with no lore, monsters with magic powers that dissolve into fairy dust as soon as they lose enough HP, war with some robot dolls (that later shoot lasers around), people in flying super armor with the most epic name ever "Dark Flames". Sailor Moon Weapon Summons. Medieval Gundam and yandere simulator all in one. The pacing is slow. The scene changes are disastrous (especially in the first 2 episodes), you almost get the feeling the episodes were cut. Characters are contentless and tedious. The story is one-dimensional, monotonous, and boring. The ending is bad. Realization is bad. And to top it off, this anime had some of the worst dialogue I've ever seen. They could almost come from the imagination of a 14-year-old trying to get into an RPG. [Story 1] Whoever wrote this possessed 2 good approaches. First, he tried to place the protagonists on two opposing sides. And second, he tried to use war as a tool for different perspectives and hypocritical actions of the characters. But the implementation of these ideas almost made me cry. It could have gone in the right direction. [Characters 2] "I hate you because you love me."Is, by the way, a quote from the anime. Because the hallway is made out of hallway, the author had no choice but to improvise from this. One-dimensional and empty. Villains are villains without any depth. All other side characters are NPCs. The 3 protagonists have almost no real dialogue. And all their character problems were so unrealistic and exaggerated, that no limits were set. [Animation 2 / Music 5] Poor CGI, only freeze-frame fights, hardly any detail (except in the throne room). And the frames were almost eye-popping. That you can make a jump attack out of 3 frames and sell this as animation is new to me. Music was average, at least intro and osts. [Conclusion 2] I give at least one point for the fact that the ideas were there and some scenes may have been almost sub-par. But all in all, this is one of the worst anime I've seen so far. I can't recommend it to anyone and hope that no one else ever watches it either. [Enjoyment 0]

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