X: An Omen

Alt title: X Yochou

OVA (1 ep x 22 min)
3.251 out of 5 from 727 votes
Rank #11,160
X: An Omen

In this prequel to the "X" TV series, a beautiful, young, bedridden dreamgazer named Kakyou remembers the life and death of a remarkable young woman whom he met in dreams. He also recounts his dreams of a tragic future in which the fate of the Earth will be decided.

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Put out as a hype video for the show, Episode 0 of X TV plays like both a Prequel and a recap of the first half of the series, while not adding very much to the show.  The stand alone episode is seen from the perspective of Kakyo Kuzuki, a dream seer who recounts his first time meeting another human, how that interaction left him in a coma and how those events are now replaying themselves. As a dream seer Kakyo is a very sought after commodity by the rich and elite, so he’s been held captive since he was a child, used to help those in power. In an attempt to have some human interaction, Kakyo pulled Hokuto Sumeragi into his dreams and her kindness caused him to fall in love with her. Sadly, between their meetings, he saw her future, one where she is murdered by a friend. In an attempt to save her, Kakyo fled from the room where he’d been for most of his life, but he was too late, and in the process he was shot and fell into a coma. This event caused him to truly believe that his dreams were the future, and that all that is going to happen has already been foretold. With the supposed end of the world nearing ever closer, Kakyo has a dream that mimics his meeting with Hokuto, but this time it’s with Kotori Monou. Even though Kakyo reveals to her that he foresaw her death too, she believes that people with good intentions can save the world, and she hopes Kakyo will appear to her brother and Kamui, letting them know that they have the ability to make the right choice, not just follow the path they believe is set for them. While this episode plays well within the series, it is extremely similar to episode seventeen, as a stand alone it just feels odd. Seeing the action and having them stress Kotori’s request of Kakyo does build an interesting base for those looking to see the series, but if you haven’t already watched the movie it may just confuse you. Story - 5/10 Animation - 8/10 Sound - 7/10 Characters - 3/10 Overall - 5/10

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