Wu Shan Wu Xing

Alt title: Fog Hill of Five Elements

Web (3 eps x 26 min)
4.012 out of 5 from 656 votes
Rank #927
Wu Shan Wu Xing

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Wu Shan Wu Xing, the Chinese anime that has great animation and... that's about it... Honestly, that's all it has. This anime has 3 episodes in which we are presented with more or less nothing. Let's start with the plot. The plot is non-existent. Right off the bat, we are met with criminally well-animated action scenes and no explanation at all. Who are these people, why are they fighting, what is going on, none of this is ever explained. Later on, we learn that the scenes we saw had nothing to do with what happens in the whole show! But it doesn't matter, right? We got a crazy animated fight so it's all good. Next thing we know we are met with our main character, who is about to meet the other main character in the most convenient way and at the most convenient time, convenient, right? All of this is followed by a superbly animated fight filled with bs powerups and asspulls. After that of course we get to the main point... Or I'd like to say so but this is the end of the second episode and the end of the story (chronologically at least).  In the third episode, we get a back story of one of our mc's and we see the events that lead to where we are now. That's it. Nothing gets explained who in the where in the what or the how in the why doesn't get explained, we are just left scratching our heads while thinking about the eyegasms we had. The sound was alright... The characters were flat and generic, and I at least couldn't care less about them as all of them were mere plot devices.  All in all, this was a shit show with great animation.

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