World Trigger 3rd Season

TV (14 eps)
2021 - 2022
Fall 2021
4.195 out of 5 from 1,684 votes
Rank #340

The third season of World Trigger.

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It isn't the most amazing series, but it does have a decent exploration of its characters. I am glad they picked it back up, it is better than most battle anime, and I look forward to the next season. However... Progress toward the overarching plot has been a bit slow since the comeback. It seemed like they would be heading out to explore new worlds this season. Unfortunately it's stuck in competitive battles. Which isn't terrible, but disappointing. My biggest qualm is that in order to have them lose, rather than thinking of logical path (within the established context) where they show a clear and believable series of events leading to a bad situation, they follow AI logic and deus ex eacape hatch. By which I mean, either everyone somehow gangs up on them and ignores eachother, the opponents make all saving throws yet they lose in those same situations, or some new weird ability exception pops out of nowhere. It's fine amd good to expand the narrative, but when you contradict prior statements or mechanics, it breaks immersion. ...Still it is far better than MHA these days on that front and they have better/more character examination. Story What it has is fairly compelling and there are layers with characters and subplots. Again it is a bit alow this time. Characters This season continues to examine the current characters and introduces some new characters who may have more of a role in the next season(s). While they have more than average depth (especially for battle anime), they aren't as dynamic or detailed as they could be were time devoted differently. Still, there is definite character growth and that makes for a more interesting anime. Sound It is better sound depth and effects than average but it is still close to average. Animation While the art has changed slightly, it seems like the overall animation has improved. Objects have more detail, also actions/movements appear smoother, and have more emphasis. But I will go back to watch the older ones again, it may be my imagination after having watched several rather poor anime. Overall, I evaluate based on entertainment and I would enjoy watching this again. Seeing episodes back to back would help the pacing concern. If you liked the first season you may like this season slightly less in some ways, but slightly more in others. If you haven't watched those ones, you should probably go do that first. Basically... Watch it if you liked the others, but it's not so amazingly different from the previous that if you didn't enjoy those you will suddenly need to watch.

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