World Conquest Zvezda Plot

Alt title: Sekai Seifuku: Bouryaku no Zvezda

TV (12 eps)
3.472 out of 5 from 3,482 votes
Rank #5,671
World Conquest Zvezda Plot

As a runaway middle school student with nowhere to go, Asuta Jimon is starving! But things change when he runs across a girl named Kate who gives him an offer he can’t refuse: join Zvezda, her secret society hell-bent on conquering the world, and he’ll be fed for life! But as Asuta soon learns, Zvezda’s plans for world domination won’t be easy, as the gang tends to get sidetracked with missions like ridding the world of smokers, or becomes waylaid by Yasube’s bumbling efforts, or deals with getting sick from Itsuka’s foul concoctions from the kitchen! On their fearless leader’s whims, Asuta and the rest of Zvezda aim to take over the world one day at a time, no matter how insignificant the attempt.

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So, we start off with something silly, then it turns even more silly and even dumb and then we get some amazing plottwists that nobody could possibly see coming....Ahem... No we don't.Not yet anyway, I mean, really, how many times have we seen the "OMG I totally did not recognize you before because you have a silly mask covering your eyesm but absolutely everything else looks and sounds the same, so it was incredibly hard to even think about it" thing before?!At least Clark Kent bothered to change his hairstyle (eventhough it wasn't as incredibly obvious as here).But then!! After all the fun and games and retarded- and randomness, suddenly we are introduced to serious stuff and a plot that makes it seem like they suddenly decided to take themselves serious after all!!I just don't get it, first it's all weird and making fun of everything, including itself, and then the show gets serious?!WHY?!Oh... So I would not drop the show (which I kinda wanted to, except, cute girls =P)...And then, they're not ready to say goodbye at the end... Hint, hint...Darn it, I even WANT to meet again too!How did this messed up heap of weirdness manage to do that, despite all the plotholes, despite not knowing what it wants to be and despite... Well, everything really...Why am I still interested to see the bad guys do good?!....Hi, my name is Mike Sinner and despite the name, I am actually a nice guy. >___<Don't tell.So should you watch it?Mmmmmnu-maybe.Just prepare yourself for lots of stuff that does not get explained and then suddenly past lives that are somehow supposed to get you to appreciate the character development all of a sudden.I hope that if they do make a next season, they figure out what they want to do with it.


This is one of those anime where you should realize what the rest of the series is going to be like after watching the first episode, trust me, plot takes more action during the second half, but it's fundamentally the same. All in all I found it entertaining, but lacking enough that it's just average.  First, to consider the good aspects of this show...I would have to say animation and the slight differences there is than the normal mediocre shows of this genre. Yes, the animation and character design themselves was cute. The cute little girl with white hair and red eyes, and the 'main character' Sinon Asuna...whoops Jimon Asuta's little side braid and suit. Mabye nobody cares, but the side braid is actually sort of cute and I really don't see it often on main characters. Speaking of which, I didn't look into it or anything, but this animation is very similar to Sword art online's, and the main character reminded me of Kirito, though he was several levels less useful. The other characters various 'transform' outfits were cute, and if there was actually some serious team fight scenes, that would have been really cool/adorable. When it comes to slight variations from the norm, it would have to be the fact that they are technically aspiring to conquer the world, which was a slightly refreshing goal, even if they are still fundamentally good people. So CUTE CHARACTERS AND A SLIGHTLY REFRESHING PLOT GOAL was what was good about this Anime.  Problems with this show that made it fairly average. First off, completely predictable 'plot twists' and they don't REALLY think we're going to not know who's behind the masks right? I like to assume that producers do that sort of thing with the whole 'main character doesn't know who's behind the mask but it's actually his/her friend' completely out of plot convienience, and that they aren't actually trying to give us a plot twist... Second, is the complete lack of seriousness. The show got slightly more serious towards the end, but it was filled with silly characters and unserious scenes with a seemingly whimsical and naiive mindset to conquer the world. Even the 'most serious' scenes didn't feel that important or moving because you know that it will soon go back to sillyness. Considering the plot, (aka conquering the world), it wouldn't have hurt to have a little more seriousness in exchange for the sillyness, or at least some more interesting fight scenes, (though we know the MC can't fight squat, the other characters would be interesting to watch). The characters, (and this almost always happens with 12 episode shows) were underdeveloped. What you do see about some of the characters past's are vague and often not that helpful to developing the character's personality. Even towards the end, the character they could have at least done something to, considering he had his past explained as much as he needed to, was Asuta. Instead I felt like he barely did anything the entire time, other than agreeing to the plot status quo at one point and saying he would stay on the 'world conquering side', oh and being suprised. Other than that, he couldn't fight, and spent most of the show being timid and taking as little action as possible. Further more, the even more important main character Zvezda was left unexplained (technically Asuta is MC, but well, he's even less interesting) WHY IS SHE IMMORTAL?WHY DOES SHE WANT TO CONQUER THE WORLD? WHAT IS THAT DOLL WITH THE COMPLICATED NAME? And various other questions are left out with an 'watch the next season' or mabye they meant it to be 'read the manga' ending. *sighs*.  Sound was average, nothing stuck out to me at least, I guess the opening was so-so. But well, that's mainly personal opinion. Though it was an overall entertaining action/comedy show with good animation, it carried many of the same flaws other 12 episode shows do, and therefore was lacking, and hits the line at slightly above average. 

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