Working!!! Lord of the Takanashi

Alt title: Wagnaria!! 3: Lord of the Takanashi

TV Special (1 ep x 50 min)
4.103 out of 5 from 3,221 votes
Rank #546
Working!!! Lord of the Takanashi

Inami blames herself for Takanashi's current mindset and decides to fix it. Takanashi's mother kidnaps him, and Inami must fight his sisters to save him.

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Working!!! Lord of the Takanashi is the final instalment of Working!! otherwise known as Wagnaria. Since it's the final chapter this review will mostly not refer to anything in particular. I won't go deep into the quality of the animation, voice acting or characterization. As most of you will already have noted this final piece in the Working!! franchise is getting a high rating from me. I'll tackle why in this very short review. As the finale of ''Working!!'' it ties up the plot that has been one of the main threads in the series for a long time. It takes time do this with an extra long episode and even has a little epilogue to please those such as myself to see what happens shortly after the climactic moment. Characization has been consistent in this series and in the finale this is not different. Voice acting, animation and sound all hold up, the animation actually is slightly better than most of the 3rd season. What this does is wrap up all loose ends that have been left and it does so in a convincing enough manner. While the comedy takes a back seat it's not absent with some quite funny moments between various members of the Takanashi household and other cast members. The way everything ends is somewhat surprising in what comes before the climax but the climax itself is what most people were probably anticipating.  The epilogue fills a bit more comedy into the series while giving us a last glance at what we or at least I liked about the series. In the end if you liked Working!! up to this point you'll certainly be satisfied as it simply has a satisfying ending an ending that it deserved.  In the end, what I am saying is this: If you like Working!! the ending is fullfilling. If you want to watch Working!! it's one of the few comedies that has a proper ending which is a massive plus in my eyes. 


For a video review, check out my Youtube channel. Link on my profile page. I was really looking forward to this finale since the end of the original series left us with a huge cliffhanger. So what did I think about the finale of Working!? Well this special was a worthy end for this series. About all the story lines were already resolved in the 3rd season but we get an extra confirmation on those in this special. Like the relationship between Satou and Yachio or the reunion between Aoi and her mother. But the storyline that mattered the most in this finale was of course the relationship between Takanashi and Inami. Now the build up towards their climax was kind of weird but so typical for Working! And than the climax itself. After 3 whole seasons there was finally the moment that we’ve all been waiting for and that we knew would happen from the first episode. I was literally cheering when both of them finally found the courage to confess their feelings towards each other.  I still find Takanashi and Inami to be a really cute couple. Now they weren’t the most original couple because let’s be honest we all knew they were going to be a couple from the first time they met. But still they were so adorable together.  Now if I may give one point of criticism: I expected more from the final climax between Takanashi and Inami. To be honest I expected at least a kiss between the two of them because now I was left a bit empty handed. Conclusion But besides that I found this to be the perfect ending to a very fun serie. Working isn’t a serie you have to watch for an amazing deep storyline or characters with very complex personalities. This is a very fun and heartwarming anime that you watch to have a good time. I gave the series a 4 out of 5 star rating so it’s definitely worth checking out.

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