Working Buddies!

Alt title: Hataraku Onii-san!

TV (13 eps x 4 min)
2.661 out of 5 from 244 votes
Rank #6,567

Calico Tapio Chatorazawa, who's got more energy than anyone, Russian Blue Kuehiko Roshihara's a bit of a sourpuss. These two classmates will do all kinds of different jobs to learn how fun and hard it is to work!

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The Courier's Buddy image

Episode 1

The Courier's Buddy

Convenience Store image

Episode 2

Convenience Store

Apparel Buddies image

Episode 3

Apparel Buddies

Rental Car Shop Buddies! image

Episode 4

Rental Car Shop Buddies!

High-Rise Window Washing Buddies image

Episode 5

High-Rise Window Washing Buddies

Traffic Surveying Buddies! image

Episode 6

Traffic Surveying Buddies!

Aquarium Attendant Buddies! image

Episode 7

Aquarium Attendant Buddies!

Anime Shop Buddies! image

Episode 8

Anime Shop Buddies!

Non-Working Buddies Winter image

Episode 9

Non-Working Buddies Winter

DVD Rental Store Buddies! image

Episode 10

DVD Rental Store Buddies!

Yakiniku Shop Buddies! image

Episode 11

Yakiniku Shop Buddies!

Cake Shop Buddies! image

Episode 12

Cake Shop Buddies!

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CaptainSlow's avatar
CaptainSlow Jul 11, 2018
Score 7.5/10

What I Liked: The cute, simplistic but colourful art style. All of Tapio's nicknames for Kuehiko. The nutbag bosses were all distinctive, not only through their character designs but through their quirks. What I Didn't: YMMV on the Animal That Must Not Be Named - he's probably the most jarring aspect of the show, or the most befitting. Episode 13 was utterly superfluous. Final Verdict: For a show about... read more

aeab32's avatar
aeab32 Jun 30, 2018
Score 8/10

An anime featuring one grumpy cat and one happy cat in different working scenarios. It also has a wise koala popping up in most episodes. It is one of the short animes I would recommend as I had a few laughs out of the different perspectives of the cats. I also love I thought the character and animation was quite good. read more

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