Wonderful Days

Alt title: Sky Blue

Movie (1 ep x 90 min)
3.545 out of 5 from 2,966 votes
Rank #3,069

Surrounded by water and a world of pollution, oppression, and never-ending rain, the city of ECOBAN feeds off of the surrounding pollutants to sustain life on this seemingly last continent on earth. Shua, a man thrown out of the city, misses the blue sky and now fights to cast down light on this cloud covered island, while uncovering figures from his past.

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aritentd's avatar
aritentd Oct 4, 2009
Score 5/10

Wonderful Days I have definitely seen better sci-fi, but it is still enjoyable, even if only for the looks. The story is your typical good versus bad uprising spiced with a bit of love here and there. It is nothing original and not even the best execution of such plot. It would really benefit from more "gray" in its strictly defined black & white characters (and no, one is not enough). But this... read more

Varagauzer's avatar
Varagauzer May 29, 2017
Score 6/10

Story and Characters So in the distant future, earth has been ravaged by pollution and a society called ECOBAN was built to harvest the pollution eventually the started to beleive themselves superiror than the Marr(the outsiders) and they rise up to take down ECOBAN blah blah blah, its your typical post-apocalyptic story. I've always wondered something, if they are using pollution, why is the earth still a... read more



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