Wonderful Days

Alt title: Sky Blue

Movie (1 ep x 90 min)
3.547 out of 5 from 3,018 votes
Rank #3,325

Surrounded by water and a world of pollution, oppression, and never-ending rain, the city of ECOBAN feeds off of the surrounding pollutants to sustain life on this seemingly last continent on earth. Shua, a man thrown out of the city, misses the blue sky and now fights to cast down light on this cloud covered island, while uncovering figures from his past.

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Story and Characters So in the distant future, earth has been ravaged by pollution and a society called ECOBAN was built to harvest the pollution eventually the started to beleive themselves superiror than the Marr(the outsiders) and they rise up to take down ECOBAN blah blah blah, its your typical post-apocalyptic story. I've always wondered something, if they are using pollution, why is the earth still a shithole? Can't they just use solar energy? It was mentioned. Why go through the trouble of making more pollution when clearly there is an alternative? The story and characters are very weak for a few reasons: The premise is a very generic story of good vs evil There is very little screen time developing the characters so when the tragedy happens at the end, there is no emotional impact Character motives are pretty clear cut, its too obvious what they will do The climax sucks......it was really bad like nothing intresting happens, they just deactivate the system oh yeah and one of them dies, but you won't even care Now there is romance and I do think it was ok, wasn't great or anything cause all of the characters had the personality of a brick wall. Animation and Sound The animation and sound however was excellent, the CGI looked great in some cases especially with the bikes it looked bad the overall it was really good. Character  designs are also excellent. Sound is also very good, now it is South Korean voices but it's done pretty well, the sounds for all the guns, vehicles and character footsteps its great and the soundtrack is excellent. Overall Excellent production but crappy writing, it is just an hour and twenty minutes, so just watch for the eye candy and nothing else.


This is a futuristic Korean Anime. Its set in a distopian future where the upper (ruling) class has no regard for the "diggers" (the lower class). The diggers keep the "living city" functioning but live in total poverty. The rest of the earth is a wasteland. Memorability: The animation was the most memorable part of the film. The distopian storyline is pretty typical most of the way through the film (but enjoyable). Character Development: The character development (the little there was) was done well. You can infer more about the background of the characters from hints and subtleties. I really enjoy this mysterious element in Anime.  Soundtrack: The music director only has one other anime to his name that I know of (ICE OAV). The Music was Gorgeous and for the most part followed the story flawlessly. The English dub was well done, typical of Anime of this quality.  Light to Dark: A serious, futuristic, slightly dark, political commentary on class divide and those who fight against it.   Fantasy Elements: Believable Fantasy, Futuristic, "A Living City", Hackers, Class Divide, 1 Short but Amazing Dream Sequence, Origional Sci-fi Tech, and very well done "Paradise Imagry" ...I call it (you'll see what I mean). Animation: Nicely done CG and animation mix (I usually hate CG). Visually Amazing. I won't spoil the ending because I recomend that you see this Anime, if only for its stunning visuals. Suffice to say, that the final battle is a pretty cool payoff for several plotlines, if a little forced feeling. I will also say that it is not a simple; good guys win, bad guys loose scenario, so it has that going for it. The visuals also remain epic to the very end.

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