Witch Craft Works

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Witch Craft Works

Honoka Takamiya is a typical teenager; he does his classwork and admires Ayaka, the school idol, who sits next to him in class. But the boy's life changes forever when one day, a piece of the school falls on top of him and he's saved by Ayaka due to... her magical powers?! For Ayaka is a witch, and deeming Honoka to be 'her princess', she is determined to keep the boy safe from harm. Now Honoka must try to stay alive while countless other witches target him, learn more about Ayaka and her craft, and still try to maintain his school life in the process!

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when your school number 1 beauty comes and sits next to you, saves you and tells you she`s a witch! what would any reasonable person do at that moment... denial story:Now i believe this story has its great points and its flaws. For one i believe a lot of cliché situation were used on this serie as a method of comedy relief. Don`t get me wrong i really enjoyed the occasional joke and i laughed at this serie plenty of times myself, however i believe some of them were a little to obvious.The plot of this serie however I loved. I like how it was the typical story (guy appears normal but has a secret power) but with a twist,putting focus not only to the main character but the situation around him, the witches. Art: The art in this serie was pretty good, simple but efficient not to mention that there were plenty of bright colours,well flowing action scenes and sceneries that were very enticing. I believe it lived up well to the standard of modern anime. sound:I love the opening to this serie, its fun, catchy and i think it matches the theme of this anime serie perfectly. The ending was just as good and i love how each witch sang their own part. Character:I find it really hard to judge the characters to this serie because on one side they are quite typical but at the same time their not. I feel like although quite a few clichés were used i do believe they were used with a twist, a way to make they slightly different from the rest. for example Kagari Ayaka I loved her SO much i thought she was funny and unpredictable, however in the end she just plays the emotionless character... but when it comes to takamiya kun her persona took an unexpected turn that made her so memorable.I do believe Takamiya kun could have had more of a background considering he was suppose to be the main character.... in the end i think i actually found him the least memorable. enjoyment:I really enjoyed this serie and i really hope there will be a season 2 overall:its funny, has a good plot and i would definitely recommend it

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