Wish Upon the Pleiades

Alt title: Houkago no Pleiades

TV (12 eps)
2.935 out of 5 from 868 votes
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Wish Upon the Pleiades

Originally a collaboration project between Japanese car manufacturer Subaru and animation studio Gainax of Evangelion fame, Wish Upon the Pleiades, known in Japan as Houkago no Pleiades, features a cast of magical girls who are helping an alien to recover fragments so that it can return home to the Pleiades.

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Houkago No Pleiades Review:   Now let me ask you something very absurd…who in the right mind thought a collaboration between Gainax and the god damn car company Subaru was a good idea?! And it’s a magical girl anime, too?! I’m sorry, but that makes no sense! Well, Houkago no Pleiades is what you get from this absurd idea! Does is it work up to be a decent story or is it just one big product placement? Well…yes kind of. But let’s go into more detail in this review of Houkago no Pleiades! Additional Notes:   Houkago no Pleiades is a 12 episode long anime done as a collaboration by Studio Gainax and the car company, Subaru, that just aired its final episode today. It was originally a 4 episode long series of 5-7 minute shorts uploaded to YouTube. This anime is rated TV-G to TV-PG for its slight use of dark themes and is even a little educational (even though I’m not sure if it’s accurate or not). So viewer discretion is not really advised. Story:   Because of Madoka Magica, the dark deconstruction of magical girl animes is very trendy and you expect Houkago no Pleiades to be like that, right? Well, it’s the exact opposite. So the story is about a girl named Subaru (great job Subaru, you thought naming the main character after yourselves was a great idea!) who is very interested with space and astronomy. One day, while going to the observatory, she gets transported into a greenhouse where she meets a young boy named Minato who becomes her friend (don’t worry he’s important to the story). After this, Subaru decides to go to a classroom where she accidently opens into another illusion and 4 magical girls and a weird alien thing is there (and one of them is an old friend)! Because she can see them, Subaru becomes a magical girl to travel all over space to collect fragments for the alien, whose spaceship crash landed into Earth 7 years prior. Not only is she confronted by an enemy, but Subaru grows bonds with the magical girls as maybe her fate as a magical girl was for the better! The story is done in very ridiculous and stupid ways, it’s almost fun to laugh at and make fun of and it’s kind of like a magical girl parody. But Houkago no Pleiades is also one of those stories where it starts out small and innocent and it just evolves into something bigger and you just want to keep watching more! It’s fun to laugh at it for some of its stupidity, but it’s also something to just keep watching for more, like a downgraded Kill la Kill! But overall, the plot can be stupid, ridiculous, and even cliché but kind of cute and great to laugh at. Characters:   Because of Madoka Magica’s influences, you think the characters, like Day Break Illusion, are just card board cutouts of them, right? Well, the only 2 I say are the closest are Subaru and her old friend Sayaka- I MEAN AOI! Because of their personalities and even their hair color, they are definitely what kind of characters Madoka Magica should’ve been. The other 3 magical girls can be cardboard cutouts, but they also have a different structure to them to make them unique and original and even kind of funny, same with Madoka and Sayaka- I MEAN SUBARU AND AOI GODDAMIT! Minato is a character that you’ll feel very mixed about. At first he’s this, AND NOW HE’S THIS! But hey, I’m not gonna spoil that part about it, you’ll easily figure it out in the first episode. Let me just say this before I’m done; all the characters can act like real idiots, Subaru especially. Being the Madoka of the anime, you can already see why. She’s very persistent and tries to help and is a bit insecure of herself, kind of like Shinji or Kaneki or Madoka. And in the end, she’s the true hero all along! *Coughs* But anyways, the characters are alright, they can just act kind of stupid sometimes. Animation: The animation for Houkago no Pleiades is actually pretty good. Sure it’s not as fantastic as some of Gainax’s other work, but is definitely worth noting. The colors are varied, the character designs are very unique and well done, and though there are little to no actual fight scenes, they aren’t that bad. My favorite part is the sky and space, those background designs are so BEAUTIFUL to look at! I can forgive this anime for using CGI for whenever they are flying but that’s only when the characters are pretty far away so it’s kind of hard to notice at first. I also really like the commercial break art, it kind of looks like very pretty and detailed fanart! So yeah, great style and everything! Sound:   The music in Houkago no Pleiades is actually not that bad. The opening is very catchy and fitting for the show, and then ending is cute and nice, and the music in between is actually quite fitting for every mood. Sometimes it’s calm, sometimes it’s epic, and so on so forth! Not much else to say, just nice! Overall:   Is Houkago no Pleiades worth your time? No. But should you maybe watch it anyways? Yes. I say this because if I give you a reason to watch this, I’d say this anime is a different take on the bright and cutesy magical girl animes, but not like a deconstruction in much sense. Sure it’s cute, stupid, and cliché; but if you think of it as a parody like say Kill la Kill, then I think Houkago no Pleiades will be ok for your tastes. Don’t like cutesy magical girl animes? Try to give a little bit of a chance and laugh at its stupidity. Love those kinds of animes? This will probably be in your top 5 favorites then! And with that, I’m off! Next Review: Nichijou   (If you have any questions or corrections about this review or Houkago no Pleiades, contact me! :D)

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