Winter Sonata

Alt title: Fuyu no Sonata

TV (26 eps)
2009 - 2010
Fall 2009
3.417 out of 5 from 610 votes
Rank #7,460
Winter Sonata

The drama follows two childhood friends — a boy and a girl — and the tragedy and angst that befalls them and those around them in the years between high school and young adulthood.

Source: ANN

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Damn, talk about an excessive amount of drama. I didn’t even know that much could go wrong in 26 episodes. So first of all, a warning. This is based on a live action drama, which had me seriously confused the first time I tried to look for it. Anyway, Winter Sonata tells the story of two high schoolers who fall in love, and their ridiculously complicated love story. Hindered by pretty much every drama cliché you can think of, they struggle to find a way to be together. I will admit, it was pretty sweet, but there is a limit to how much bullshit can happen without it feeling a little too unrealistic. I can’t go into huge amounts of detail without spoiling it, but just know there is a lot of hospital visits and quite a few misunderstandings. I pretty much like and hate all of the characters. For almost every character there have been moments I just want to hug them, but also moments I just want to punch them in the face. Up to you whether that’s a good thing or not. Especially the main characters. They are both idiots, but Jesus Christ they put up with a lot. I feel like I should mention the sound as well. The music for this was gorgeous, as you’d hope when one of the characters is a world class pianist. However, the voice acting was absolutely terrible. As a person who doesn’t really notice these things, trust me when I say they’re bad. I liked this, sort of. For people who like drama, this is an absolutely perfect series. If not, I highly recommend you avoid this series. So much drama… Secret Santa Review 2016

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