Windy Tales

Alt title: Fuujin Monogatari

TV (13 eps)
2004 - 2005
Fall 2004
3.557 out of 5 from 523 votes
Rank #4,888

Nao and Miki are the sole members of their school's photography club, and have discovered the hidden secret of the wind. With the help of Mr. Taiki (a member of the ancient clan of the "wind-handlers" and one of their teachers) the duo soon pick up the secrets of controlling the wind and seeing it in its perfect beauty. With flying cats, lost tree squirrels and photography contests to boot, there's wind to be seen in any situation...

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Windy Tales is a slice of life series. A REAL slice of life series, as in it's actually realistic things that happen to the characters. The artsyle is very strange and it will put off many people, but those that are willing to give this title a chance will be rewarded. Story- First of all, this is an actual slice of life show, so don't expect the characters to be super quirky and and to have all this interesting well timed dialogue. This is a very realistic show and realistic things happen. If a dad facing a middle age crisis goes out and buys a motorcycle he will crash the bike and break his leg. This was actually quite similar to an episode of Louis C.K's sitcom, Louie(which is awesome btw). Both have this realistic, almost dry take on everyday matters. Windy Tales will not spice things up or provide you with complicated explanations on why things are happening. Things just play out as they often do in the world world. That being said, this is an episodic series, and the episodes are often related to the supernatural element of the world. Some are better than others, many I found to be fairly boring, while other kept me fully enganged.  Animation- Here is where many people will have a problem with this anime. The animation and character designs are extremely unconventional. However I look at this as a good thing, I'm tired of all anime characters looking life eachother and lack of uncreative char designs. The animation itself is quite good, very fluid and compliments the unique look of this anime very well.  Sound- The Op and Ed sequences are both quite catchy, while I'm usually not a fan of slow songs or upbeat J-pop these two had me atleast humming a long at most points. The OST itself is also fairly engaging, but I felt they used a few tracks much too often. Characters- The series msotly follow the exploits of Miki, Nao and Jun the main characters of the show. Nao is the most prominent main and is a curious and cheerful highschooler. Her friend Miki is fairly bland and simialr to Nao, except not quite as curious or intutive. Jun is the guy of the group and sometimes kind of a jerk. He definitely means well in the end though. There is also their mentor Mr. Taiki, who is more important at the start of the series. The series features many friends and family of the characters and new characters are introduced almost every episode. Overall- Don't let the strange art turn you off, Windy Tales is a slice of life anime and one of the only REAL slice of life anime out there. It definitely is not for everyone, but those with patience will be rewarded.

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