Windy Tales

Alt title: Fuujin Monogatari

TV (13 eps)
2004 - 2005
Fall 2004
3.665 out of 5 from 534 votes
Rank #2,568

Nao and Miki are the sole members of their school's photography club, and have discovered the hidden secret of the wind. With the help of Mr. Taiki (a member of the ancient clan of the "wind-handlers" and one of their teachers) the duo soon pick up the secrets of controlling the wind and seeing it in its perfect beauty. With flying cats, lost tree squirrels and photography contests to boot, there's wind to be seen in any situation...

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TheStampede01 Apr 2, 2013
Score 7/10

Windy Tales is a slice of life series. A REAL slice of life series, as in it's actually realistic things that happen to the characters. The artsyle is very strange and it will put off many people, but those that are willing to give this title a chance will be rewarded. Story- First of all, this is an actual slice of life show, so don't expect the characters to be super quirky and and to have all this... read more



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