Wind: A Breath of Heart Specials

DVD Special (4 eps x 13 min)
3.134 out of 5 from 115 votes
Rank #13,628
Wind: A Breath of Heart Specials

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This is the review of Wind: A Breath of Heart alongside the 4 special DVD extra episodes, of which 3 add essential story. Please refer to the original review for just the Wind: A Breath of Heart series. The original series had a problem in that the story was lacking, especially at the start. This 'expansion' doesn't fix that problem, but it does add a lot of essential story that improves it. It even has a reference to the horror called 'The Grudge.' The animation and sound remain the same for the most part, with the exception of the festival episode which seems to have terrible animation quality. While there is more character development, not much changes with the exception of Makoto who, with the addition of the 4 extra episodes, becomes a more important character than he was in the original series alone. The extra story adds much needed progression and even sorts out the romance aspect which was quickly forgotten in the original series. It is somewhat confusing as to when these episodes occur but I will give you the order of the episodes: Episodes 1 to 9 - From original series Episode 9.5 - First DVD extra episode Episode 10 - From original series Episode 10.3 - This is Ep 13 from original series. This is the recap episode and should be skipped. Episode 10.6 - Second DVD extra episode AKA Ep 10.4. ** Episode 10.9 - Third DVD extra episode AKA Ep 10.8 Episodes 11 & 12 - From original series Episode '13' (or 12.5) - Final DVD extra episode ** - What this means is that episode 13 from the original series is pointless as the tiny bit of actual new story that is in episode 13, appears within episode 10.6 exactly the same. It also gives a conclusion to the romance. At the end of the day, this fixes the tattered ending of the original series so for that we should be grateful. But, the fact that this is absolutely required to fix the story condemns the whole anime. I recommend that this is watched alongside the original series with the episode order given above, instead of watching the original series on its own. This improves the whole anime significantly but does nothing to fix the slow start. Family-friendliness Rating - 2 It would be 1 if not for a sex scene. However the sex scene isn't actually shown (implicated by the before and after events) and there is no nudity. (Lower is better) Overall Rating: 7

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