Wind: A Breath of Heart OVA

OVA (3 eps x 29 min)
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Wind: A Breath of Heart OVA

After ten years, Makoto Okano comes back to his home town with his little sister Hinata. There, he again meets his childhood sweetheart Minamo Narukaze whom he has given a harmonica (owns by his father) as a gift years ago. A strange girl suddenly shows up, making Makoto realize something is going on. The girl is attached to his parents, Minamo's father Akihito and the harmonica itself.

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Wind: A Breath of Heart OVA is an alternate story in 3 full-length episodes. If you found the original series too long or lacking in story, this is for you. It starts with the arrival of the Okano siblings in the town of their birth (pretty much the same town as in the main series) and enrolling into their highschool. Early on Makoto meets Minamo on the roof (the same way as in the original) and they go around with their friends just doing what kids do. Same genre of romance/supernatural. The animation is actually a tad worse than the main series, though thankfully it lacks the unusual camera angles and the terrible CGI. Everything looks slightly different, such as the characters. Sound design seems to be a bit worse too. Nothing absolutely terrible however. The anime is only available in Japanese like the original, so English subtitles are a must. Characters are the same as the original so I'm literally going to quote what I put down for that review, with the exception that powers don't appear as much in this OVA: "The main character Makoto Okano lives with his younger sister Hinata, in the town where they were born. There isn't much to say about Makoto, he isn't that special, just an ordinary guy. Of course he is nnice to others but is arguably blund to other's feelings. His father died when he was a child and similarly his mother disappeared shortly after, leaving him and his sister as orphans. Hinata's power allows her to jump very high, while Makoto has no powers. Perhaps the most important character is -mysteious girl with grey hair-. I can't say much on this character without spoiling the story, ... other than she is very mysterious and seems to know a lot about what is going on. Minamo Narukaze is a childhood friend of Makoto and Hinata, also born in the same town. ...She loves (romantically) Makoto. She also has lost her mother, very similarly to the Okano siblings. Her power is wind, so she can make the wind blow. ... Her father is arguably a more important character, both him and his wife were friends of Okano's parents and he is in the town to research to town's history. Especially since both his wife and his firend died there. There is more to the character but due to spoilers it can't be revealed. Side characters Shikoiun and Tsutomu also seem to have a romantic interest in each other. The other characters are too minor to be discussed in this review but a couple of them also have powers. It is assumed that all the characters are born in this town as it is mentioned that most of them are (so assume the rest too?)."                                               -Review of Wind: A Breath of Heart by Mahius19 The story is much more compact due to the 3 episode limit to stuff actually happens from the start. However the story is pretty much the same, with sinister supernatural goings on in the town and the characters all being involved. Since it's shorter, a lot that was in the original anime is missed out, despite it being an alternate story. There are exclusive bits of backstory like how Shikouin and Tsutomo are involved. I'm surprised at how they managed to fit story progression into the token beach episode, which is still there. Overall, this is a pointless, cut-down reimagining of the story, despite it lacking the story progression at the start that plagued the original series. Maybe this is worth watching for those who dropped the original due to (apparent) lack of story or too slow a pace. I don't really know who this anime is for, other than people who are dead bored for 70-90 minutes and even then there are much better ways to spend your time. Still, it isn't a completely terrible way to spend that time. Family-friendliness Rating: 2/5 In this OVA the character design during the token beach episode is a big on the 'busty side.' But still pretty safe (lower is better) Overall Rating: 6/10

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