Wind -A Breath of Heart- Omake OVA

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It's December 24th, and everyone is in the mood for Christmas festivities. Luckily Minamo, Hinata, Nozomi and the rest of the gang thought ahead and planned a...cosplay party?! The night is young and fantasies run rampant, as the friends make their way to the gathering; but though they'd like nothing more than to arrive quickly and safely, various obstacles stand in their way: a flying ship, express trains and a mysterious familiar young girl! Can the friends manage to get to the party on time?

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StoryWind: A Breath of Heart is a short fifteen minute OVA, based on a game of the same name, which makes absolutely no freaking sense at all. It’s Christmas Eve, and a group of unknown friends want to have a party. I say unknown because unless you have played the game, you won’t know who they are or get any sort of introduction. Anyways, a few of the girls have planned a soiree and one of the boys has decided it’ll be a cosplay parties. Cue the fantasies, please! The rest of the OVA (about ten minutes) follows the individual friends who are trying to make their way to the party. A train is missed; a giant flying ship is spotted; and most importantly, a strange girl appears. Literally, that's all there is to it. There's running, shouting, and people getting lost, but not much else. The end, like the beginning, makes absolutely no sense. It’s not Angelique, but it definitely is confusing and seemingly pointless if you haven’t played the game.AnimationIf there’s any reason you’d watch this, it would be for the visuals. As for the characters, you’ve seen it before: the usual dating sim designs complete with multi colored hair, huge oval eyes and unnaturally long flowy hair. Backgrounds are gorgeous, and colors are bright and vibrant. SoundThe intro, like always, is an upbeat J-pop tune. The OVA is surprisingly sparse as far as the music goes, with only a piano piece and a few others spread throughout. More often than not there was no music. Effective and simple, but overall forgettable.CharactersAs with the story, the characters probably would have been more likeable and interesting if you had played the game. All I knew about them, in the end, is that each of the girls had a different color of hair. They are not developed, there is no back story, and each has such little screen time. 2 points goes to the one guy who kept fantasizing about the girls in cosplay outfits, and 0 points for everyone else. OverallWith no story, no background and no interesting characters, this short OVA is basically useless. If you like pretty dating sim–style animation, or have played the Wind game, you might enjoy this. Otherwise, stay far, far away.

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