Wind: A Breath of Heart

TV (13 eps x 13 min)
2.536 out of 5 from 551 votes
Rank #7,444

When Makoto was forced to move away from his hometown, he left his childhood friend Minamo a harmonica and a promise: they’d meet again someday and eventually marry. Years later, Makoto and his sister Hinata return to Kazune, the city of supernatural powers. When Makoto hears a mysterious yet familiar harmonica melody being played on the roof of the school, he finds himself reunited with the girl of his all-but-forgotten childhood promise. The three and their friends happily go to school, spend time together, and slowly become more and more involved in the mysteries of a city which hides a great and disturbing secret – a secret that has touched all their lives more closely than they can possibly yet understand.

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mahius's avatar
mahius Sep 20, 2014
Score 6.5/10

"The power of this town originates from the dreams of the Son of the Wind God, who surrounds this town." This series is not the full story. The 4 special episodes are essential to get the full picture. This review will cover the series without the specials. For the review of the full anime, follow this review up with the review of the special. This review covers only the original series without the... read more

RazzleBerry's avatar
RazzleBerry Oct 13, 2012
Score 3/10

Honestly I feel bad writing this review because I did not watch the all the episodes but this anime was painfully boring.  Story: I could not bear this show long enough to find out and most of what I did see I was fighting hard to stay interested in so I cannot give this category a real score. Animation: Mediocre, that is all I can say about it, it's actually kind of hard to remember. Sound: The... read more

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Episodes 9.5, 10.4, 10.8 and 12.5 released only on the DVDs.

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