Wild Cardz

Alt title: JaJa Uma! Quartet

OVA (2 eps)
1.702 out of 5 from 166 votes
Rank #10,133

Casa Clubs, Jo Diamonds, Coco Hearts and Sunday Spades make up the Crown Knights -- a card wielding team of deadly females who make it their business to stop crime and keep harm from happening to their kingdom! The beautiful vixens' ability will be put to the ultimate test when a pair of black and white mechanical chess pieces invade the tranquillity of their home, destroying everything in their path! Can the girls defeat the oncoming behemoths before it's too late?

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sothis Jan 2, 2005
Score 1/10

Story? What story? Wild Cardz literally doesn't have one. Not only is there no background as to who the girls are, but even the idea of the current plot is extremely, if not impossibly hard to grasp. By the end of the OVA I wondered "wtf just happened?". Characters are introduced randomly and you still have no idea who they are at the end, the entire "point" of the OVA wasn't explained well and in... read more

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Thrawn Mar 10, 2017
Score 3/10

Wild Cardz? More like Wild Shitz, amirite? Haha! We (Users) here at Anime Planet like to joke around, but there is something serious that we need to talk about, and this is some serious shit. Of course, by shit I am referring to Wild Shitz. Wild Shitz is a... hodge-podge of a mish-mash of a clusterfuck of random, assorted shit and the barest sense of knowing what actual games are. I mention... read more



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