Wicked City

Alt title: Yoju Toshi

Movie (1 ep x 82 min)
2.872 out of 5 from 2,408 votes
Rank #5,840

In the near future, the human world exists parallel to a parallel world of demons and dark magic. The two have long abided by an uneasy peace treaty, but its time is almost up, and a new one has to be negotiated. Now, two agents--a top human agent and a beautiful assassin from the other world--must protect the only man who can seal the treaty from dark world renegades or die trying!

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Thrawn May 30, 2015
Score 3.5/10

Story: I actually missed the first 10 minutes of this suckfest so I don't know if I missed much of the plot or anything BUT I did miss some worldbuilding because the first 3 minutes is always spent on narrating for whatever crapsack world some shit like this is taking place in. But all that? Total peanuts because what you're here for is demon on demon- oh, wait, I'm thinking of something else. Demon on Demon... read more

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ComplainingQoheleth Apr 12, 2013
Score 1/10

Wicked City is terrible. I went into it expecting to like it with its interesting premise but gave up a few minutes in. Little did I know it would get far, far creepier and I'm not one who reacts to horror films much one way or another. It took me years to go back and finish watching it just to mark it as watched and even then half of the time I was doing something else while it was going on. This movie is like... read more

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