Wicked City

Alt title: Youjuu Toshi

Movie (1 ep x 82 min)
3.128 out of 5 from 2,721 votes
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In the near future, the human world exists parallel to a world of demons and dark magic. The two have long abided by an uneasy peace treaty, but its time is almost up, and a new one has to be negotiated. Now, two agents--a top human agent and a beautiful assassin from the other world--must protect the only man who can seal the treaty from dark world renegades or die trying!

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Story: I actually missed the first 10 minutes of this suckfest so I don't know if I missed much of the plot or anything BUT I did miss some worldbuilding because the first 3 minutes is always spent on narrating for whatever crapsack world some shit like this is taking place in. But all that? Total peanuts because what you're here for is demon on demon- oh, wait, I'm thinking of something else. Demon on Demon Hunter/Fighter (But isn't actually a demon) action. Admittedly, I'm starting to confuse this with some other shit I watched so bare with me, because we'll get to the goodies soon. But there is demon on demon action. Pretty much action with demons. By goodies I mean the gratuitous titties and sexual assault, which isn't as gratuitous as you'd believe because there is a chess game thrown in there. But there is at least...1... 4... like, 6 counts of boobs/"Intimate" scenes, intimate can be replaced with.... well, rape. It's pretty uncomfortable how long it sometimes lingers on the censored acts of coitus and then shows monster vaginas because plots, you know? It's all plots. Some acts lead to tying up loose ends or some shit while others are for kicks or making you uncomfortable because the fuck was the lady with the red dress. No fucks, that was what she was. No. Fucks. But the actual, actual plot, that is something that needs to be seen from the start as for the longest while I was wondering why they needed Jerky Binks (That wrinkly old man who wants to wet his trouser snake) and once I was told, I forgot a moment later because who gives a shit? You sure wouldn't, or would you? Because events in this story lead to nudity, which can immediately be followed by a bonerkiller, which is totally different from killboner. There are a lot of bonerkillers. Far, far too many. There are some plot twists along the way, because I literally have no fucking clue. One of them is like a -62 degree spin flip from north-west-south. It is dumb as gravel as to- Man, fuck it. It gets fucking stupid until it plays the love card, which I admittedly adored to bits. I knew this shit would happen, I fucking knew it! With a gal like her, you bet your fucking ass love was in the air. It is blatantly obvious with their obvious, clear as day chemistry because I am sure it was there and nuts to the details of it. LOVE SAVES ALL Oh, that last act? Completely fucking bonkers. But she looks damn fine in white. *I thought of something to say but I forgot. Think it got so repulsive it coughed up points. Animation: I'll be frank. The animation is quite good for it's time. Good designs, good stuff and boobs. But everything is pretty much complete shit compared to the Dark God Partner Chick Makie. She, is beautiful. Like, she makes everything else in this OVA/Movie/Whatever it is look like shit. Her in the suit? GOD YES. And those eyes... Oh, but where are my manners? Here is a pic, because google imaging Wicked City gets you nothing but tentacles, boobs, nudity and some violence: She has no fault and made this far, far better than it should have been. I should mention the bonerkillers again, which are followed by some unintentionally hilarious moments. It's like the animators stopped giving shits or just had some fun with it because they knew it was bad. I could stare at that picture all day. And rewatch it for her. She is that good. Sound: Ugh, I don't want to continue to anything else after her. Sound is whatevs, dub > sub and it's hilariously bad at times but sometimes they sound bored. Old man Jerky is what you'd think an old person would sound like and Makie has no fault. Characters: You know the drill. Other characters? Lets see: Old man, fuck him. Makie's human partner? Lucky sumbitch with a gun that compensates for all penises around him. Spider Woman? Hilarious! And disturbing! The Girl in the Red (Is it really red?) Dress? Clearly the best time of your life. Dang, I should not have added that picture in. Overall: This could be 5/5 or 10/10 because love triumphs over all and for Makie. Or just for Makie. But I have to take into account the rape, assault, sexual deviancy, the flimsy plot, dumbfuck twists and mostly lacking characters. But Makie, holy fucking shit man. She is like... an extra 1.5 to the overall score. She nearly fucking doubles it. And all the other categories? She buffs them. So worth watching. But seriously. In the end, she is that amazing. And they weren't kidding in how you'd recognize her as the most beautiful girl there. This has been another Damn That Anime is Bad Presentation: Sexual assault, wanton violence, a real fine, classy sexy gorgeous lady, more uncomfortable sexual assaults and "The fuck is this shit" plots and shit.


Wicked City is terrible. I went into it expecting to like it with its interesting premise but gave up a few minutes in. Little did I know it would get far, far creepier and I'm not one who reacts to horror films much one way or another. It took me years to go back and finish watching it just to mark it as watched and even then half of the time I was doing something else while it was going on. This movie is like a recurring nightmare with the same things happening again; a woman turning out to be a demon (twice), seduction (three times) and rape and attempted rape 5(?) times. The whole idea of the movie was just cast aside in favour of sex and violence, both of which can be handled well but this is not a hentai nor is it a shonen so the amount of both is out of place here and the dissonance between what the premise is and what actually happens makes this movie easily one of the worst of anything I've seen in my life along with a horrendous flashing sequence in the last 10 minutes adding a sore pair of eyes to a sagging heart. With almost every other bad anime I've seen there has been some mitigating factor; Gundam F91 and Bokurano are only slightly bad, Ouran High School Host Club and Ladies X Butlers actually started off pretty well, Welcome To The NHK is pretty fun to watch once, but I can't stress only once enough and so on but all that can be said about Wicked City is the females are hot (though that's the case in nearly every anime) and it isn't Meine Liebe though not being the worst of anything is the bare minmum; not an acheivement. If I were to be punched in the stomach then the knowledge that the person is using their weaker fist wouldn't be the first thing on my mind.


First off, I need to warn people. If you have an aversion to tenticle rape, gangbangs and screwed up sexual monsters... well then forgo watching this title, you'll be glad you didn't try it. If you're okay with all that... then well, you might not want to watch it anyways. It's pretty bad.  You know how there are some anime that are so bad they are funny? Like Golgo 13: The Professional or Tokko. Well this one is horrible but it's not funny... just bad. I've been on a old anime kick for a while now and I came across this one as a rec for some other ones I watched and liked... The premise behind it didn't sound too horrible. 2 worlds, one dark world and one the normal human world. They are signing a peace treaty between the worlds again (aparently it's happened before) but the bad guys from the black world (monsters) feel that humans should be their servants. So they don't want this peace to take place. Enter the human male and the dark world female who have a  job of guarding this important VIP so that the peace treaty is signed. So they take over guarding him. As you can see, it doesn't seem that bad right? Well it is.  Spoiler in paragraph below: All these dark world monsters come to the human world in flesh they put over their actual bodies... then as they fight they end up showing at least some of their true forms... much of these true forms are discusting and the human male main character knows what these things are, yet he still falls for one of these things knowing what it really is and it never changes it's form other than it's nails growing so you got to wonder what type of thing he is actually falling in love with and having sex with. As it turns out the whole plan was to make the monster and human mate so that a baby could be born between them since it's impossible 99.9% of the time unless a person of the correct genes falls in love with a dark world girl and "makes love" to her. The guy they are sopposed to be protecting is actually the one protecting them and helped create all these circumstances so that they could fall in love, including the woman getting caught and gang raped to play on the human male's sympathies which were nearly non existant for monsters including her, until he saw her being violated. In the span of a movie, she was violated and nearly violated at 3 different occasions... this lead female gets raped and almost raped more than Casca from Berserk.  End of spoiler So yeah the story got a 1 from me. Not only is the bulk of the story stupid and over sexualized, the ending is super corny. The Animation and Sound were decent. They were what you would expect from that time period. Not great but because of how old the movie was, you have to give it leway. The voice actor for the male main character seemed bad in the beginning but kinda grew on me and the english voice actor for the old man protector seemed to be Master Roshi's voice from the DB series. The characters... okay... these are bad... and some of them in different context would be actually funny bad. Here's a few of them to give you an Idea Monsters/Black Worlder's: (Some characters have spoiler info) 1. The Black Widow woman who has a second mouth with sharp teeth where her private parts are sopposed to be 2. Stomach Pussy woman - She actually has a stomach pussy... no,  I'm not joking, it's huge and comes complete with opening and closing movements and squirting... ugh. 3. The Melty Parasite woman - This woman was working at a Bath House that the old man ran away to. He sucked on her boobs and some sort of discusting parasite came out of it and then she tried to melt him into her body only to have the 2 main characters bust in and save him. 4. The Glass shatterer - this is a man and he is aparently a past love interest of the female lead. He has the expanding nails and can break pretty much anything with his voice... OKAY. 5. The parasite that came out of the melty woman - this thing served as a tenticle for the female lead while trapping her. The male lead leaves her to the parasite as she asked so that he can make a get away with the old man who seemed like he was dying from the melty woman sucking the life out of him. 6. Gang Rape Man number 1 - 4. - These men have varying protrusions proving them to be monsters when they go up against the male lead when he comes to try to save the lead female. They die fairly quickly. 7. The Ex Boyfriend with elbow spikes that used to be "a good guy" according the female lead - this guy was what seemed to be the leader of the bad guys. He also seemed to be able to absorb other monsters making his skin harden so the male lead couldn't use his gun wepon. Female lead - Her only original ability before being impregnated by the male lead was being able to lengthen her fingernales, make her hair grow and wrap around people, and rain some sort of light thing that stopped some sort of thing that was ending the flow of time which used up all her power. Oh and she can cry tears... something monsters are not sopposed to be able to do... and she can get pregnant by a human. Aparently after having a baby in her stomach though she is able to do all sorts of crazy things. She's super OP. Humans 1. Boss of some Boring office that apparently is only running the company as a front and is the boss of the black guards. The Male lead and Female lead are Black Guards, people who protect the worlds and make sure there is peaceful coexistance. 2. Perverted over 200 year old, Old Man - I'm not sure if he was actually sopposed to be human or not. I think he was, but he was too old to be human, and he was also able to use electricity to his will which means he had some inhuman powers too. In addition, he was able to survive being run though multiple times by the big bad guy and still fight so... I really don't know why they could sell him as human... he was the one everyone thought was sopposed to be protected. 3. Bartender - Human who made a bet with the lead about taking home Black Widow woman who had changed herself to look like the male lead's date he was trying to screw. Not really much to this guy. 4. Hotel Manager - this human I assume was a black Guard as well. He was in charge of the high security hotel they were staying in. Played chess with the male lead until there was an attack by The Glass Shatterer. He shattered this man's arm which we find out fairly quickly was fake.  The Male lead - Human, Sarcastic in everything he says... his line's don't sound witty to me though. He's a playboy aparently and well endowed. A black guard and aparently has the ability to punch through Monster's faces... he is also able to get the female lead pregnant though it's sopposed to be impossible to get monsters pregnant. So yeah, the characters were pretty dumb. In the right context some of them would have been so dumb it's funny but as they were it just came off as horrible mostly. Overall, I don't suggest this anime at all. If you do decide to watch it though, try to at least get a few laughs out of the stupidity. To me, this anime seemed like a preverted recreation of Men in Black.

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