What's Michael? (1985)

OVA (1 ep x 55 min)
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What's Michael? (1985)

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DISCLAIMER: SPOILERISH Michael is a what? A Tom cat. Plain and simple The anime? Not really a single OVA, more like a collection of them put together for 55min run-time. None of the segments really have to be watched in order to understand or follow the story [since there really isn’t one]. Break-down of shorts. Each one last about 4mins. The Terrifying Visitor: Something freaky has entered the home. Michael’s Secrets: How to catch a cat’s attention and how to make him or her run away. Skinship: Owner attempts to physically bond with Michael. Wants Michael to act like a canine. One Day with Michael: Saving face and dancing. Kayoko: Human pest who finds joy in tormenting Michael; Michael’s greatest enemy. Michael’s First Time: Humans bring home a surprise for Michael. Break time for theme song complete with music video features the kitty and the musical artist, “Turn your face, baby” -- yeah English lyrics make an appearance - Yakuza Corner: Michael and his human are basically one. Michael and the Fly: Monochromatic animatic where Michael displays his hunting skills. A Poem of Love: Michael’s surprise reappears. Ssome more inserted music -- it gets racy >.> Detective Yamamura: Michael interfere in police business. Michael’s Album: Michael through the cat-years. Catzilla: Well...oversized feline terrorises city, but it ain’t Michael. Michael’s Escape: Michael makes a break for the great outdoors. Que third and final music video. “Love me once again.” - Featuring Michael and his surprise. Ending credits are an homage [or just plain rip-off] of Nintendo. This anime follows the logic that anything can be pulled out of nothing and no one or nothing questions it. Also there’s some oddity when it comes to Michaels’ owner [human companion]. In “The Terrifying Visitor” and “Yakuza Corner” it’s the same guy but in all the others it’s a different person. Really there’s about three or maybe even four different guys who call themselves his owner and who he’s seen interacting with all in different homes. And then there’s the female humans who interact with him, not even sure what that was supposed to be about -- not sure the animators knew either. Viewer Disclaimer: Despite having a kitty as the main character there is some maturity to this anime that parents/guardians/any all viewers should be aware of. “The Terrifying Visitor” is visually suspenseful and the creature that frightens Michael may very well frighten kids. Michael is a tom cat and in “Michael’s First Time” viewers watch him deal with his libido. Guns, shooting, and blood are shown. As stated above the second music break gets racy --> humans strip down for some really bizarre reason. Feel like you’ve seen it after reading this? that’s all right. Really it’s not all that impressive. Unless you really like cats or are just looking for something that doesn’t take much attention you might give this a watch, otherwise skipping entirely is not a bad choice. If you like one of the shorts listed you can also just watch that.

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